GSoC Project: Practice Appointment Calendar

Discussion of my project, which is primarily aimed replacing PostNuke calendar of LibreEHR.

Project Plan

The primary aim of this thread will be improvement of the initial project plan linked above, including identification of functionalities needed in the current system and various issues which needs to be addressed.

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From the proposal:

Start by creating new table schemas for the following: Categories Events Limits Topics

Given the relatively short amount of time, new APIs which use the existing tables is something to consider, but the key really is defining and understanding the functionality that exists.

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@yehster Yep I understand! Note that I’m working on reworking this proposal for my project plan. My focus is on identifying and porting over all the current functionalities the calendar. Safe to say that I won’t be doing file by file replication of everything like originally stated in the proposal above :slight_smile:

@azwreith have you decided on which calendar to use?

@teryhill Yep, I’m planning on using FullCalendar. It has great documentation, is easy to use, and based on a cursory look its event hooks would be able to handle most of the current functionalities easily.

I looked at just about every option out there, and as an extensible starting point, I think that FullCalendar is by far the best of the bunch. @yehster I am of the opinion that the existing tables re: the external components that touch them, are less difficult to adapt to a new structure than creating a new structure for the FullCalendar base. The components of PN Calendar we actually used were not very extensive. That said, I was under the impression that FullCalendar just used a json file named “events” or something.

What I mean to say is a JSON feed…which I suppose is a file/url or other data source…and very customizable.

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Using new third party library’s database schema is great.My initial interpretation of “create new table schemas” was “roll your own”.

And if it it provides the data asJSON, that should work well with Knockout.

I am thinking that this shoe-polish might double as a tasty whipped cream.

*Interpretation: this should provide appreciable improvements in interface and data object availability.

@azwreith How’s it going? Haven’t fielded any questions from you lately.

Hey Terry! Sorry I was in NYC for the last couple days and didn’t have my lappy with me. I’ll have an update out tonight :slight_smile:

Refer for updates.

@teryhill Is this link okay for submission? :slight_smile:

Looks good to me How about you @aethelwulffe and @tony

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You didn’t try to cram a lot of detail into it, but the links are all there, and I think it is a nice one-pager! Ludicrous Speed!

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Look good to me - go for it if you have not already

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Should we lock this thread and start the new rounds?

In favor of this.