GSoC 2019 Student Blog URLs

All accepted GSoC 2019 students are required to post at least one blog entry every week during GSoC . Start now so you get in the habit of writing a post every week!

You don’t have to create a new blog for GSoC; it’s even better to use an existing one, if you have something appropriate already. You can use any traditional blog service that you wish, or you can host your own. I strongly encourage you to create a category or tag for your LibreHealth posts. Just make sure it has an RSS feed available that can show your LibreHealth/GSoC posts.

Some free-of-charge ideas for blogging platforms, if you don’t have one yet:

  • Wordpress (open source/PHP, self-hosted or hosted)
  • Ghost (open source/Node.js, self-hosted or hosted)
  • Blogger (proprietary/hosted)
  • Jekyll (open source/Ruby, self-hosted or GitHub hosted)
  • Hugo (open source/Go, self-hosted or Github hosted)
  • Hexo (open source/Node.js, self-hosted or GitHub hosted)

Please reply to this thread with your blog URL. This task is due by the end of day on Friday, 10 May 2019.

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Here is the link to my blog

@Echo2roy – I strongly recommend you make a blog which you can use after GSoC – this would only chronicle GSoC – the goal is for you to blog in general, not to just meet our requirement for weekly blog posts.

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@m4kamran you need to get your blog to me ASAP.

Don’t create a blog simply for GSoC.

I have revised the list – Do not use Medium for your blog.


Here is a link to my blog:

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All good now

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Thank you both of you!

Both will be live on once I get the OSUOSL to look at the job that updates based on our config repo.