GSoC 2017 Student meet and greet!

Introduce yourselves and congregate here!

Hello everyone!

I am Nilesh Prasad. I am one of the members of the 4-Member squad selected to work for LibreHealth for Google Summer of Code 2017. I reside in Mumbai, India and currently I am in 2nd year of Computer Science Engineering.

I would be working on LibreHealth-EHR and the main aim of my project is to recreate all the features which are currently using Smarty Template Engine and replacing it with native PHP, Javascript. I would also be working on UI-Redevelopment , type-validation etc. and would be responsible to give LibreEHR a new look which could be made responsive across all devices.

I dreamt to be a part of this great open-source programme of Google in the last summer itself and immmediately got started using Github and learnt a lot about how large Open-Source projects like Mozilla , Linux maintains its code-base. I started using Github for all my personal projects and in the process learnt a lot about Version Control. I mainly used to code in C++ for Competitive Coding over sites like HackerRank, CodeChef, etc. I learnt Web Development last Summer(May '16) and soon got passionate about it and did several projects to improve my skills.

I already had 3-4 organizations in my mind before Google officially announced its list of organizations selected for GSoC’17. I decided to choose LibreHealth as the organization to work for, because of some obvious reasons. Firstly, PHP and Javascript were the languages I knew pretty well and LibreEHR application using these languages made me feel very comfortable. Secondly, all the mentors here are extremely friendly and they are always ready to help anytime. Although our time-zones are different, they all managed to help all of us anytime and so we never had to wait much for the response of mentors for a particular help etc. Also, working for an open-source organization like LibreHealth gives immense satisfaction to me because in that way, I could use my skills to contribute to society.

Once again congratulations @gsoc2017students for getting selected and thanks to mentor team @aethelwulffe @tony @teryhill @r0bby @downey @sunbiz . It would be fun working together.


Hello everyone!

First of all congratulations to all the students who got selected for Google Summer of Code 2017.

I’m Priyanshu Sinha (IRC nick : pri2si17), a B.Tech 3rd year student at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida, India. My stream is Computer Science Engineering.

I would be working on up-gradation of database and integration of Laravel framework (MVC based architecture) in current project. Presently it uses MySqli with ADOdb wrapper and there is no framework. This will lead to organised code and a clear separation of business logic from views.

I’m also a competitive programmer with handles on different sites as CodeChef, Hackerrank, Codeforces and Hackerearth. My team was also selected among top 50 teams(among 673 teams globally) in an hackathon (IndiaHacks 2016) organised by Hackerath. I used to code in C++/C for competitive programming, PHP for development and Python for ML related works (which may come handy in future). I also have knowledge of Java, but I’m not used to code in that so frequently.

I opted for LibreHealth and more precisely LibreHealth EHR, because of the familiarity of language i.e, PHP. A great thanks to our mentors, who helped us in all possible ways, and responded frequently. Working in a open source organisation will definitely be a great experience.

Lastly, many congratulations to @gsoc2017students and a lot of thanks to our mentors @teryhill @aethelwulffe @tony and our admin members @r0bby @downey @sunbiz.


Hello all

My name is Ivange Larry Ndumbe. I am a 4th year computer engineering student from Cameroon. I was a GSoC 2016 finalist with OpenMRS. I am a lover of open source. If the project is not fun coding then it’s not worth coding. I’m one of the crazy guys that derive pleasure in writing code. And I’m always looking to learn new things.

I will be working on lh-radiology. My project is a continuation of last year Radiology Report Enhancement which was under OpenMRS. The goal of the project is to make it possible to create radiology reports based on radiology templates from within lh-radiology. Last summer me and my mentors were able to make the radiology module import and validate radiology report templates. But these templates are not used for the creation of radiology reports yet. This summer I’ll be working on making it possible to use the imported templates for report creation. I’ll also be involved in implementing the fhir standard in the EHR. I will also work on a new UI for lh-radiology by building web components.

I chose LibreHealth because I was already very comfortable with the OpenMRS community from which a lot of members here come from and since LibreHealth is building their architecture ground up I see the potential of me learning a lot here and making my resume impressive. I’m grateful to the mentors and admins for giving me this opportunity to learn new and amazing things with LibreHealth during gsoc2017 and hope to make a great impact here at LibreHealth during gsoc2017.

I look forward to working with you all and hope we could become good friends. We just 4 of us so it will be easier to be keeping in touch. We can follow each other on twitter. My twitter id is ivange94.


Hey guys!

Congratulations to everyone who got selected!! We all had tough competition but turns out all of us are in heh :smiley:

I’m Ujjwal Arora, or as you may know me by my nick: azwreith. I’m from a small town here in Jersey, though I’m currently studying in MIT Manipal, India. I like playing Dota, reading fiction, and binge watching anime in my free time.

I’ll be utilizing this summer replacing the ancient PostNuke calendar in the EHR with a successor. This is necessary as there are a whole lot of bugs/problems deep inside the current calendar, and well it uses legacy code. Along with adding the new calendar and features, my work will involve replacing some of the SMARTY components, database changes, and writing documentation.

I was fascinated when I found out (last year) that something like GSoC existed. I mean, it was perfect for me! I love contributing to open source and this seemed like a perfect way to spend my summer. A couple months ago I was browsing through orgs which had web development projects, and one of the organisations caught my eye and I somehow had a feeling that this is my org (aside from the fact that one of the projects seemed particularly interesting and was in PHP (yay!), but yea). I’m very grateful to all of my mentors and admins @aethelwulffe @teryhill @tony @judywawira @r0bby @downey @sunbiz for giving me this chance. I know there are some of other mentors who didn’t get any students and I promise I’ll keep up with the faith you guys ensured in me and the others :slight_smile:

I really look forward to working with all of you guys and @pri2si17 @nileshprasad137 @ivange94 . Lets have a great summer together!


Congratulations to all of you… I hope we have a great summer!! :slight_smile: and get you all integrated into the community.