Google Mentor Summit - Notes and impressions

As a first time attendant I was very impressed, Google (of course) puts on a good event. The unconference model is maybe my favorite and this was no exception.
I attended quite a few:

Lighting Talks hours of 3 minute presentations (I did one)

Xwiki is wiki plus forms plus scripting hooks (foss SIRI) project FOSSASIA

OPEN DATA KIT offline data collection… Infrastructure for foss projects

  • Communication with in the project
  • Certification/rating
  • Internships osulabs
  • Shared forum for this at osulabs?
  • Funding?
  • Use foss tools for mobility / kubernetes
  • bridge slack/irc
  •… One IM to rule them all
  • -Git automation tool
  • Openhatch… Redux Kubernates for noobs. K8s. Github/ Zoobab • Docker orchestration • Pod is the smallest unit of a container pkg. • Etcd database • ‎ can store secrets • ‎minikube and kubectl • ‎use labels to match resources • ‎Images come from dockerhub by default • ‎writing to logs must be stderr or mounted disks fake news checking

Creating a viable FOSS and Vendor collaboration (I hosted this one)

Can Opensource save Healthcare

Some of my scratch notes, FOSS/Vendor presentation and lighting talk and I have also attached the minutes from the last one.

LibreHealth EHR Calendar Replacement and Upgrade.pdf (322.6 KB)

FOSS Vendor Ecosystem.odt (60.0 KB)

GSoC Session Can OpenSource Solve Healtchare.pdf (59.3 KB)