Google Code-In 2017 Student and Mentor Meet & Greet

Use this topic to introduce yourself. After you introduce yourself, it’s best if you use the Google Code-In chat channel for further conversations with other participants & mentors!

I will start off.

My name is Robby O’Connor, I’m one of the organization administrators for Google Code-In, I ensure the program runs smoothly for all fo you(along with @downey and @sunbiz) . I am also one of the Steering Committee members, we ensure that LibreHealth remains sustainable and exists for years to come. Aside from that I also maintain the infrastructure for LibreHealth. Previously, I maintained infrastructure for OpenMRS with @downey.



My name is Jake Du, I’m a participant of Google Code-In 2017-2018. Librehealth caught my eye as I am interested in both Programming and the Medical Field. During GCI 2017-2018 I hope to expand my knowledge of Open Source. Some of my hobbies, are longboarding (evident in my Logo). Aside from, longboarding, programming is something I greatly would like to learn! Looking forward to working with Librehealth Org! My Username : Jdew192837, for both the chat and my github


I’m Jennings Zhang, a high school senior in Maryland. I should probably be doing homework right now, but whatever.

Anyway, I know Java best because I’ve finished three years of it. OOP, multi-threading, algorithmic analysis… But to me, Java is a boring language. I taught myself the basics of ECMA JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3, and a bit of some other scripting languages. Besides programming, I’m familiar with the strategies of software engineering, Linux system administration, and concepts from CompTIA Security+.

So far, it might seem like I’m an arrogant comsci nerd, which is somewhat true… but I also have great interests in medicine! Last summer I shadowed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. My interest in LibreHealth can be attributed to clinical experience and MedHacks (a hackathon by JHU). I truly hope that LibreOffice EHR will disrupt the current market of healthcare-related software. JHH uses Epic Systems, and I will quote my doctor: “Epic was designed to track everything and charge a fee for everything… What I could do on paper in ten minutes, takes an hour to do on Epic.”


Hello! Myn ame is Miguel Dinis but you can call me MigDinny as it’s my nickname. I’m Portuguese and I’m in my penultimate year in high school. I am self-taught and I discovered HTML aged 9. When I was 11, I discovered PHP and Javascript, and it was fascinanting to me. I never attended to any kind of course or lessons. I learnt all by myself and with the help (at the beginning) of .

I’m always online on the chat when I’m on my computer. Beep me if you need something :wink:

Sorry for my English if I make some errors, it’s normal for me because I’m a foreigner :frowning:


Hi, I’m Saatvik Arya, a high school senior in Minnesota. I am a iOS Developer. Swift is my favorite programming language right now. I am also experienced in Javascript and Java.


Hi, I’m Sal DiMaggio, a senior in my high school in New Jersey and a member of my school district’s Computer Science Academy. In the academy I’ve learned to program in Java and C++ and also spent a significant amount of time learning data structures. In my free time I taught myself C#, HTML, and Python, and I like to work with my Arduino to create small projects like mini electric cars. I am also an all-star finalist for the American Computer Science League international all-star competition and have attended various programming competitions throughout the state. Aside from my programming interests I have a strong affinity for the medical field, which helped draw me to this organization. I want to be able to help in any way I can to better the lives of patients and improve upon the current medical system, so I’m extremely excited to be working with everyone for Google Code-In this year to help achieve that end!


Hello Everybody! My name is Pavan and I’m a sophomore from Houston, Texas!

I love computer science and I first started programming (if you consider HTML a programming language :wink:) at the age of 9. I’m a huge Linux fan and all around fan of open source software! I’ve worked on a few different languages, PHP, Node (JS in general…), HTML, CSS, Java, Go, Python, and various other minor languages such as SQL. I’m also a super fan of machine learning and making software smart! I think Machine Learning has tons of use in the healthcare field, and if there is a place where LibreHealth can adopt it, I would love to help in the development of it!

Thanks, and I hope to have a great time working with everybody! :grinning: Also, if you wanna drop in and say hi to me, please do so in the chat! I’m basically always on my computer! :rofl:


Hello all, I’m Young Jin Park from South Korea, and I’m a Sophomore at Seoul International School. I’ve been programming for a while now, so I can do a multitude of languages, but I have been using Node.js a lot recently. I’m currently on Arch Linux writing this short little paragraph.


Hello everyone, I am Benjamin (you can call me Ben) and I am a junior from Chicago, IL. As I’ve had more experience with technology over the years, I became more and more in love with it. I started off working with lots of computer hardware but soon expanded into programming as I got exposed to more opportunities. I started off with more front-end languages, like HTML, CSS, and JS, but over the recent years, I’ve become more proficient in back-end languages, especially Java and Python. I’ve also garnered an ambition for biology, specifically microbiology, and LibreHealth caught my attention as an organization that mixes both of these things together. I can’t wait to get started working with LibreHealth throughout my time in GCI 2017!


My name is Emeka boris ama (aka) brain jack. I am an undergraduate at National open university nigeria, i am 17 year old, i believe in contributing to help an org achieve their dream to the top level, i write html and css code …i am a different maker.i love traveling, eating and playing around codes…i speak english, i am also a public speaker…i believe i will help and contribute to librehealth to get to their dream level.


Hello World This is Harshvardhan Singh From India. I am in 9th Standard and am a beginner at coding and stuff but I know A lot about technology hardware and softwares and I believe that If Both these and developed regularly and efficiently we can reach a time where nothing is impossible on this i beleive i need to be in the core as being just a normal enthusiast on tech i will provide the common person view and can help develop it to a everyone friendly environment

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Hello all! I am Ameya Deshmukh, from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. I am currently 16 years old, started programming at the age of 12 and my interest in programming grew steadily since then. Now I am quite proficient in C and C++, and am comfortable with Java, Javascript, Python and CSS. Both of my parents are doctors, and seeing them save countless lives every single year has motivated me to do my bit for the betterment of the healthcare sector. Although I want to be a computer scientist in the future, I am extremely interested in the applications of Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning in the health sector, along with the development of new tools which will help doctors and patients alike. LibreHealth, at least for me, seems like the perfect place where I could contribute significantly to the healthcare community worldwide, gain some experience in open source development in the health sector and learn quite a few things on the way too! Hope to contribute a lot more in the coming days! This is my second time competing in the Google Code-In, I had participated last year (2016) as well.


Welcome … have you joined the chat room for #gci at … since you are comfortable with java and JavaScript we could use your help working on Radiology tasks @ameyad22

Hi everyone… Let me start by thanking Google and its administrators for this wonderful seeming-like project…This actually seems to promote True Learning and really value competence as it eclipses the monotone “learning” in school leading to the participants having a wider,clearer and better view of the world as a whole,while being most importantly a better person-a person with dreams,goals and willing to shape the world for a better future. I am actually doing my A levels and wishes to gain knowledge out of Google code-in for who knows one day we may end up working there itself :stuck_out_tongue: .Humbly speaking,i have a really open personality…So if anyone wishes to communicate,you are most welcome :wink: Wont be so long out there though…Looking forward to having a very nice experience with you all :slight_smile:

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Hello, my name is Shaurya and I am a student of 10th grade in India. I am proficient in graphic design, and am very comfortable in Illustrator. I also know how to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. My favorite library for JavaScript is JQuery, and I know its usage very well. Hope to have a nice experience with the community!

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Hi! I am Arnav Aghav studying in Loyola High School in India. I am quite interested in programming and always wanted to participate in competitions such as GCI. I competed in GCI before too. I first learnt python from codecademy and it interested me a lot. Now I have learnt bit of C/C++.

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I’m Roland Wen, I’m currently a high school student in Taiwan. I like to play baseball and programming in C. My dream is to participate in the IOI( International Olympia in Informatics). Username for google code-in:

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Hi everyone, my name is Chukwuebuka Francis Abazie, I’m a Nigerian😁 also a participant of Google Code-In 2017, I’m a student to be precised… Well I’ve found so much intrest in Programming, Blogging and of course I do more of Documentation… I’ve found LibreHealth an intresting community for me to learn and improve my skills in life also in GCI and as a technologist I think I can change the way people think about tech. for me I think there’s nothing IMPOSSIBLE with technology.:+1:

Thank you!:blush: