GitLab Organization access & discussion

FYI, I invited some of the folks who are doing active development on our TBA sub-projects into the LibreHealth org on GitLab.

This isn’t intended to pressure anyone into moving anything anywhere at the moment, more just to let more folks poke around and look at what’s currently there and the tools that GitLab has available.

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Thank you for the invitation. I am curious as to the functionality differences between the two for users of GitHUB desktop.

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GitLab has a great list of apps for it:

Functionally and from the POV of nomenclature, Gitlab and GitHub have different terms for example instead of Pull Request, GitLab uses Merge Request;

Gitlab their their own CI, and their own Docker Registry! I’d say GitLab has been leading the way and GitHub has been trying to catch up to them.

Git in general has had nomenclature issues since day one. GitHUB applications are better, but it is nice to hear there is a possibility that the terminology will be helpful instead of seemingly intentionally misleading. -Seriously, what you just said has gone a long way to selling me on it. Being able to meaningfully describe your product’s function inspires confidence in that product. Git terminology is bad. Git terminology “definitions” go for the double-down. Not to everyone, I am sure, but to a significant portion of the code-monkey public.

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