Community Strategy: GitHub vs. GitLab?

So … let’s share our opinions and discuss pros & cons, and questions about either platform, by replying to this topic!

  • GitHub
  • GitLab

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I know they were not responsive in the past but they are a good friend of openmrs

Yeah I agree about GitHub support of our mission & efforts.

The upside for gitlab is the feature set is much bigger. I think @r0bby may have the most knowledge about it but I encourage everyone to take a look. We have an organization in both so I can add anyone that wants added.

What are the pro’s for Gitlab over Github in our context?

One thing that stands out to me is their issue tracker and CI system, that GitHub doesn’t offer directly. See the following. While biased for GitLab of course it does highlight some things.

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I agree that strategically Github has more supporters for us, but gitlab seems to have better features. I spent the last few hrs reading blogs, articles, looking at the interface and trying out the features. I like gitlab for its integrated features. So I guess the question is - features or strategic association?

If we were to adopt GitLab, can anyone see issues with cherry-picking from OpenMRS projects, or, more importantly, for struggles for OpenMRS modules who want to be compatible with the LibreHealth EMR product?

Why not do both? With GitLab being the main repo and we simply mirror content to GitHub, in the way that Linus does with the Linux Kernel?

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This might actually be a very good idea. If only there were automated ways to sync the two repos, which again shouldn’t be hard to do with a bash script. I know there was a ticket/feature request to sync repos using the UI for github, but dont see that its possible yet. Once, that is available, would be nice to use that to sync with any github hosted repos, will save the hassle to cherry-pick. We can cherry-pick whats committed to our repos.

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Android also does this. I’m sure there are some tools out there…

Error when importing from GitHub to GitLab:

The repository could not be imported.

Error importing repository https://***** into LibreHealthIO/openmrs-core - 1840436

That said, seems to be there…

GitHub, as many of you (but perhaps not all of you) know, gave an award to OpenMRS. It is mentioned in this article:

So perhaps it’s worth exploring what they can do as a supporter outside of features.


I just enabled syncing between the our github and gitlab repos. The librebot user in both github and gitlab will do the syncing