Expectations of GSoC Students

Hey @gsoc2019students,

  • You are required to be blogging weekly unless you notify us in advance due to exams, sickness, or another reason that otherwise prevents you from doing so. Failure to do this could lead to a failing evaluation. Share your blog posts on your project threads.

  • ALL COMMUNICATION must be PUBLIC – if it’s not happening in the open, I assume you are not talking to your mentors at all. This also will lead to failure. You may use the #gsoc channel on the chat, or your project thread for questions.

Regardless of your progress on your project, not following the above is grounds for you being failed. I strictly enforce the second rule and strongly believe that all communication must happen in the open.

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@m4kamran – a reminder to read and understand the points made in this post.

Not communicating at all with us is bad. Don’t struggle silently, use the community.

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Thanks for the heads up. I have done quite some work. And wanted to update when I finished writing the remaining components. I am writing the progress update and the blogpost for this week. And will also try to update more frequently in the upcoming weeks.

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