Evaluating the cost-of-care app

Hi @Darshpreet2000, I hope you are doing fine since the summer. Thank you for the excellent work on the cost of care app. We would like to see it to be posted to the Google Play Store, so that we can start asking users to review the app and see if it is useful to them.

I know @UsmanSattarMD was interested in doing a user study and evaluating the app among marginalized or populations with health disparities. Are you interested in taking this app forward, at least in a beta stage that it can be put on the Play Store for users to give us feedback?


Hello @sunbiz, Hope you are doing great. Yes, of course. Actually, I have been totally swamped for over the last month or so leading the transition and restructuring efforts of two of our recent acquisitions at our company. So, I was in total hyperdrive and couldn’t get back to you. Besides writing the evaluation report from the perspective potential users (which I will submit soon), how can I help further through its beta and launch on the google play store? Please give me at least a week to wrap these things up at my work to be available full time for this. Let me know.

Happy Belated Diwali & Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sure @sunbiz , I am very much interested in taking this project forward. Let me know if you have any task for me related to App Improvement or generating the Apk, I will do it.

We can also make Website for this project if we have Database and Server available, let me know your views about it. @sunbiz @r0bby @mua_rachmann

Also Happy Birthday @sunbiz


Just let me know what you need from me. Heads up though, recovering from COVID (I’m at the tail of it, but still recovering)

God bless you through your recovery

I just need only SQL Database & a server to host API & website. We already have the data scraped in GitLab Repository , I will insert the data to SQL database & will use API to query the data. The website will have same functionality like the App

I will make a prototype webapp for now & will show here, for now I will use free available resources like heroku.

Let me know your views on this

Sure, can set that up this weekend or early next week.

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I suggest that we stick to mobile-only interface. I dont see why we need a web-hosted version and the mobile app too. Lets get the mobile app going, make it stable… and once we know what the users want through their feedback, we can include those features on the web version.

@sunbiz are you saying not to set up a server?

yes, @r0bby precisely. Unless the server was meant for something else than the web version of the app. From what I understood, the mobile app can work off the scraped data that is stored in the git repo.

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@r0bby @sunbiz

Actually I have started creating the web app, I have even deployed it , its just UI with list of hospital getting fetched from GitLab Repo. Let me know whether to proceed further

I have deployed this on firebase

We will need only SQL server,
API & website can be hosted for free on heroku or firebase. We can also use my free 12 months trial of AWS for it also.

Okay then, we may make this website later or let me know whether to proceed further

Why do you need a server? I’m not placing a database open on the internet. So there’d be some kind of an API app running I presume? Why not use Firebase or similar?

Today I tried firebase database and Mongodb, but I always exceed their free limit while inserting data in them.

I can’t try heroku for database as it requires credit card for free trial.

If we can get SQL database then we can make the website, otherwise let’s focus on only mobile app.

Again, I am not going to have a database listening on any public-facing interface…so unless you have code in-place for server-side deployment, it won’t work. I don’t recall there being backend code, was there?

No database will not be public,

We will be using API to access our database. And API will be hosted for free on heroku.

Will that work? Let me know

I can deploy it on our infrastructure but need the server-code somewhere public, ideally under our GitLab.

BUT can this be fetched from the git repository? Why do we need a server?

@r0bby @sunbiz


I have done this way now, CDMs are downloaded on client side & user can select hospitals & then compare prices of procedures

Please have a look at our website, I have modified it

@sunbiz what’s your take? I’m willing to do it but I want to ensure that there isn’t another way that is better. I do think pulling from the git repo is better.

I have scraped manually CDM of Alaska, California, New York and Indiana during GSoC.

So they were large in size,

When I tried to use them in this web app , this web app hanged a lot.

So what I did, I used medicare data for all the states which is smaller in size and web app is not hanging now, but we are comparing very few procedures now.

That’s why I was asking for a server, we can’t compare large CDM on client side because its hanging their device

But if we want to go with this smaller data we don’t have any problem but we are only comparing lesser procedures for these states, Alaska, California, New York and Indiana

Okay – that’s good enough for me – remind me Monday.

@Darshpreet2000 stick on getting the app up and deployed on Playstore the website can come in later. @r0bby get this is not a priority!