Educational Goals

(Bob Hoyt) #187

Worked great now. Thanks

(Kevin Yeh) #188

Let’s find out from Sandy when the semester starts. The system is going to continue to evolve, so setting an arbitrary “release date” may not be an ideal solution. What issues do we need to resolve to be ready? Are the lab updates, start dates for problems and search capabilities improvements showstopper tasks at this point?

Other thoughts, should students use common logins for the different roles? Or should we setup individual accounts for each student, which would allow tracking their activities in more detail. The later obviously requires more effort, but might prove to be helpful. An add on to allow students to sign up for/create accounts, or to create them en masse are things to consider.

(Bob Hoyt) #189

I posted this at the exact same time that @yehster was posting.

Now that we have multiple universities “chomping at the bit” to try LibreHealth EHR for the fall semester we need to plot the next step. Would each university be given access to a separate instance so their 20-30 students (this is a guess) would not interfere with each other? What are the limits of this approach, in terms of students accessing at roughly the same time?

When I taught using OpenEMR, I personally enrolled each student and assigned them as physicians and emailed them their credentials

(Terry Hill) #190

What items do we need to address?

(Bob Hoyt) #191

I don’t think there is any issue that has to be fixed prior to launch but there are some long term enhancements (like reporting) we would all like to see. What I have been pushing for is the verbalized plan of who, how and when are we going to host the software for 3-4 universities. I can ask them specifically how many students they anticipate for this next semester

(Terry Hill) #192

I think there needs to be some concrete documentation of what is needed in the enhancements so we could lay out a time and resource requirement.

(Bob Hoyt) #193

I would be happy to do that but keep in mind I have probably asked the same question now about 10 times in this forum. If the software and user guides are ready to go what is the next step???

(Bob Hoyt) #194

I did add 7 new issues on the GitHub forum and asked for resolution of one I posted 24 days ago. None of these are deal breakers or should have any immediate effect on the educational EHR

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #195

We can host this for the universities on the server where we were hosting the demos before moving to rackspace. These will be independent VMs hosting the same as the NHANES demo. @r0bby is there a simpler way to get an image of NHANES demo and replicate it to the VMs?

(Bob Hoyt) #196

There is the notion that each university would have their own instance so they are not getting into each others way. On the other hand they could establish separate facilities but that causes confusion.

We have to assume roughly 30 students per university. Also, we need to design a survey to gain insight into what worked and what did not. This would give us better future direction about what features we need to add and their priority

(Robby O'Connor) #197

@sunbiz NHANES is just another apache vhost – there was no reason to spin up a new server.

See the config here:

Since these are literally just PHP apps – it’s pretty easy to use the same servers – but diff dbs.

(Bob Hoyt) #198

Here is a problem. Once the onset dates were turned on almost every patient has an onset of medical problems of 1969-12-31 as I assume @yeyster gave them that as a default. That is worse than nothing so I think we should see if we can figure out how to use a date only for newly created patients by students (or don’t use it at all)

(Terry Hill) #199

I added some date checking so that if the date is invalid it does not display. image

(Bob Hoyt) #200

Here is what I see on Jimmy Jennings

(Terry Hill) #201

so with the change I have pushed to the repo for review will show everything with the 1969-12-21 date with no date the ones with a valid date will display the date. The change has not been sent to the demo versions.

(Judy Gichoya) #202

@teryhill @yehster and @rhoyt can I and an additional suggestion beyond d feedback surveys

A friend of mine integrated slack into their Emr and you can create an issue with a slack button based ona specific page you are working on

This would be a really neat tool to integrate and can be used to prioritize Emr problems to work on … also this can be used to improve documentation and provides better feedback than a one time survey … imagine a teaching assistant who can monitor this slack channel to help others ?

Just a though

(Bob Hoyt) #203

We could definitely consider a Slack channel as it is user friendly. Because I believe we will publish an article on this project, I think a survey is a better way to get information that is more quantifiable. Survey could be administered to both faculty and students, for example.

Because I have been involved with the AMIA Educational Working Group discussing educational EHRs I already have a bibliography of articles related to educational EHRs and the literature is sparse.

(Bob Hoyt) #204

The data we used to populate our EHR is rich with practical information. I have used the Data World web site to host all of the tables we did not upload to LibreHealth EHR to develop some simple data queries. I have hosted 9 “Insights” related to the data located here.

The one I ran today summarized the frequency of some common medical conditions. Because Tableau has a web connector it was easy to connect the SQL results to Tableau which will be attractive to graduate students

(Robby O'Connor) #205

Was this in a clinical setting? If so, that opens up a whole big can of worms with regards to security…

(Tony McCormick) #206

I provided a cost example from my Google Hosting ($39/VM per month). I am certain that @aethelwulffe at Suncoast would be willing to host these sites on behalf of LibreHealth. It’s mostly about who will pay for it and how we will collect and distribute the funds to run the service.