Educational Goals

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I am against us using Slack. Let’s use something Open Source and not proprietary.

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Not sure what Slack has to do with this post

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Slack is a widely adopted tool, we should not be against anything if it solves a problem in a correct manner. Use Slack all day long without any guilt that I’m violating the spirit of Open Source.

There is no other solution that I could use with mixed teams of developers, vendors and collaborators that is readily available, with no cost.

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I think he was referring to this

Robby O’Connorr0bbySteering CommitteeAug 9 judywawira judywawira: A friend of mine integrated slack into their Emr and you can create an issue with a slack button based ona specific page you are working on Was this in a clinical setting? If so, that opens up a whole big can of worms with regards to security…

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Yup, that was what I was referring to.

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Yes, I saw that. Exactly what I mean.

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Oh, give him some Slack.

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Oh you punny man you…

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@tony @yehster @sunbiz

The AMIA Informatics Education Conference will be held in New Orleans mid-June 2018. I thought it would be reasonable to put together a presentation (20 minutes) about LibreHealth Educational EHR. A two-page outline must be submitted by mid-January. Unfortunately, I doubt we will have survey questions from the beta testers back by then so don’t know if the reviewers think we have enough information to present. Anyone plan to attend this conference?

In the next six months or so would like to write a more formal paper on the subject, but would like a more mature EHR before writing the article. Obviously, I will want co-authors on the paper so let me know your interest. We will need a business plan and know our hosting fee structure by then as well

(Tony McCormick) #216

I’d like to but not sure I can afford it at the moment

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(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #217

I can and was planning to attend if we had a paper or a presentation at the conference.

(Bob Hoyt) #218


Ok, great. I think the reviewers understand that some data will be “pending” so we can probably get away with saying that the survey results are outstanding. If you attend the Informatics Education talk we can tag team it with 10 minutes each. Not much time to present but I didn’t think any of the other categories made sense. Please look at the choices as well. If the educational EHR catches on we might hold a workshop on it in the future.

(Judy Gichoya) #219

@rhoyt am interested in the paper writing

(Bob Hoyt) #220

Great. I’ll include you and try to have a rough draft for the presentation available before Thanksgiving

(Bob Hoyt) #221

@judywawira @yehster @sunbiz

With your input, I thought we could aim at presenting LibreHealth EHR in two venues. The first would be a 20 minute presentation at the AMIA Informatics Education Conference next June. That requires a two-page submission and abstract and a rough draft is below. Of course, the problem is that we don’t have our survey back which is critical. Today I emailed the four instructors regarding which date to send the survey so we can get results back before mid-January. The reviewers are pretty flexible, in the sense you can have incomplete data. I have started to work on the survey using Google tools, but also have access to the much better tool Qualtrics. I am not a survey expert, so if you are speak up.

LibreHealth Educational EHR_20171117.docx (159.7 KB)

The second effort would be to write a much more extensive paper on the Academic EHR where we would report all of the background information about educational EHRs and use that as an opportunity to talk about LibreHealth EHR. We should probably wait for 4-6 months on this to have a more mature product to discuss. Please let me know your ideas, availability and intentions

(Bob Hoyt) #222

@judywawira @yehster @sunbiz

Just to get the ball rolling, I started a flow diagram of survey questions we might ask the instructors and students. I would like your input and the input of LSSC, which will be done with the EHR experience in about a week and they would be ready to do the survey. I also ran across a validated short survey tool for Usefulness, Ease of Use, Ease of Learning and Satisfaction. We can use several of their questions which should strengthen our survey.

Once I can get the questions right and the sequence, I’ll load to Qualtrics.

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #223

I like the USE survey, which I’ve seen before and is suitable for this. I can see the flow diagram clearly. Sorry for the slow response.

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@sunbiz @judywawira @yehster

Thanks @sunbiz as you are the only one to respond thus far (but I know it is Thanksgiving). If necessary I will launch the survey without input but that is never ideal. If we can get survey results from all four schools then I think we will have enough data by our January deadline to present at the AMIA Informatics Education conference

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #225

@rhoyt, Could you please attach the flow diagram here instead of linking it to a Google doc?

(Bob Hoyt) #226

LibreHealth EHR Survey Flow.pdf (512.4 KB)

@sunbiz, @yehster @judywawira

Here it is attached as a PDF. I’ll plan to convert it to a formal Qualtrics survey this week so please feel free to comment. This is simply a rough draft way to demonstrate the questions we might ask instructors and students