Educational Goals

(Terry Hill) #167

Just submitted the change for review. I went with the date before the Medical Problem and the Medication.We will have to wait for Robbie to get back from vacation to get it to the demo’s

(Bob Hoyt) #168

I would probably put the date after but minor issue. Thanks for taking the initiative @teryhill

(Robby O'Connor) #169

file a ticket if you don’t want me to forget… no need to tag me…I’ll be the one looking at it

(Terry Hill) #170

I will just ask again next week when you are back from vacation I am sure there will be more changes that need to go up, Have a good time.

(Robby O'Connor) #171

that works as well! :ok_hand:

(Bob Hoyt) #172

Nine universities have expressed interest in our project and many of those are willing to beta test the educational platform.

I would like to hear some specific plans from the steering committee if possible, as regards to when a non-demo instance will become available and the new URL so I can include that in the user guides. To the best of my knowledge, most universities will begin the fall semester in late August-early September. Their need of an EHR might be delayed a month or two into the course.

As a lark --does anyone have a contact with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative? Focused on education and technology, but like most big funds, it is probably by invitation only. Very little information is posted on their web site but I note that several of their science and tech officers hyperlink to their Facebook pages

(Bob Hoyt) #173

FYI. Using screen shots from LibreHealth EHR in our chapter on EHRs for the seventh edition of Health Informatics: Practical Guide. The Institute of Medicine notes that EHRs have 8 main functions, so I used screen shots in those areas to highlight important but basic EHR functions. I will of course give appropriate attribution to LibreHealth

(Terry Hill) #174

You back yet. If update the demo branches with the latest code from the repo please sir, and thank you

(Robby O'Connor) #175

probably Wednesday…i haven’t slept much

(Terry Hill) #176

@rhoyt are test student and super student going to be providers with appointments scheduled for them ?

(Bob Hoyt) #177

Students will be treated as physicians with full privileges. If any graduate students want to write clinical decision support then they can be “super students”. Both students and super-students will book appointments as a standard exercise

(Terry Hill) #178

Then I will set up the calendar for those two providers.

(Bob Hoyt) #179

My instructions to faculty (=administrators) that they will have to give proper privileges to their students and then email the students with login credentials and set the office hours for the students which will be necessary to set up the calendar. Are we talking about the demo or are you talking a new hosted instance?

(Terry Hill) #180

The Nhanes demo site

(Bob Hoyt) #181

The categories of student and super student already exist so I’m not quite sure what else needs to be done. Perhaps I misunderstand your question

(Terry Hill) #182

In the calendar the times that the provider is in the office needs to be set. When you look at the calendar you will notice that their time slots are not colored where as the time slots under your user is. I set the time slots for your provider so you would not get the “Use the time slot anyway” alert message.

(Bob Hoyt) #183

Sandy Saperstein from the University of Maryland asked when we plan to offer the educational platform and I told her I was waiting on that decision from the Steering Committee.

No response from emailing the staff that works with/for Dr. Michael Weiner. Very difficult to communicate with IBM for unclear reasons. We need more dialogue so we can understand their needs. The universities are much more straight forward and the feedback thus far is very positive, meaning we are offering what they need

(Terry Hill) #184

Are there any current issues with the code. Robbie update the demo sites a couple of days ago so the latest code should be there.

(Bob Hoyt) #185

As I recall the only issue was that the CCD reports we will probably use were ICD-9 based and not ICD-10 and hence the actual report did not contain any medical problems (unfortunately).

I did mention to @yehster that I would personally $$ support more work on parsing out the lab results into individual values so they could be searched at some point. The bigger picture, I guess, is improving the entire reporting/searching capabilities. If we end up getting paid from IBM, some of the funds could go to that perhaps

(Terry Hill) #186

@yehster changed the CCD reports to use ICD10’s