Does LibreHealth use React.js

hey, I see myself align with the ideology of LibreHealth and want to contribute in the same currently my tech stack is react and redux. so if there is a project where these technologies are used please let me know

Please look over at this new branch - Files · react-ehr · LibreHealth / LibreHealth Toolkit / lh-toolkit-webcomponents · GitLab

More documentation of this work being done can be found here - Week1 - Zaimone

@Shashwat and others, please feel free to chime in

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Sure @sunbiz.

I’ll add proper documentation and installation guide within a few days.

hello sir thanks , so how can i start reading should i start from master or from branch react-ehr and where can i find issues

The issues can be found here - Issues · LibreHealth / LibreHealth Toolkit / lh-toolkit-webcomponents · GitLab

All the different screens that should be implemented using the existing web components in the react-ehr branch. That’s the branch to work on additional screens beside the ones @Shashwat is already working on.

@satyaarthchhabra you can use the following steps to setup the application:

  • git clone --single-branch --branch react-ehr --recursive react-ehr
  • cd react-ehr/
  • yarn install && yarn start

hello, shashwat , I have just done these steps and error stating

Module not found: Can't resolve '@lh-toolkit//fhir-appointment/fhir-appointment.js' in 'C:\Users\dell\OneDrive\Desktop\react learn\lh-toolkit-webcomponents\src\workflow\appointment\pages\appointment'

@satyaarthchhabra Were you able to solve this error?

Did you do the yarn install and did not get any error?

Hi @kailash360 , do you have any issues while running the react-ehr application ?

@sunbiz @Shashwat, I had faced the same issue mentioned above. Thankfully, it’s resolved now, and the application is running.

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I went through the proposed design of check-in workflow as shown in the video check-in.mp4 on Vimeo. It would be really helpful if you can share the design file so that I can continue with it.

I was thinking to start with fixing the dashboard section, like adding the icons, enhancing the fonts (as shown in the design), and gradually move towards enhancing the UI of add/edit a patient as per the prescribed design.

Kindly suggest if you can think of any other improvement as well.

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This is the figma project, I hope this is what you mean.