Congratulations to the GSoC 2018 students


(Robby O'Connor) #1

We would like to welcome all @gsoc2018students.

Start bonding! :smiley:

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #2

Big thanks to you all for this great opportunity. I look forward to having a great summer with all the mentors and students here at LibreHealth. Best wishes to all other students.

(Abhinav Singh) #3

Congratulations to all. Now lets make this summer super productive.

(Lenya Hope Nembi) #4

Thanks Librehealth for accepting me for GSOC 18. This is a great opportunity and I promise to put in what it required to make this summer a success. Thanks once more

(mua laurent) #5

Thanks and congrats to all once more. The summer is going to be really productive one. A special thanks goes to the alpha team

(Naveen) #6

Thanks for accepting my proposal, i will prove myself better.congrats Team Alpha Members - @mua_rachmann @naveen17797 @Trodrige @apooravc @Abhinav

(Apoorv Choubey) #7

I came here in Feb '18 to learn more about web development and Iā€™m glad I stayed here. Gonna be a great open source summer! Thanks for the opportunity and am glad to work with such amazing people.

(Robby O'Connor) closed #8