Any active project related to flutter?

Hi everyone wanted to know if there are any active projects related to mobile app development.

is the NeoRoo project still active ?

Project: Develop an android/ios mobile application NeoRoo (An integrated mHealth platform to improve nursing care for premature babies)

Cc: @Hrishikesh-Bhagwat @shbucher, @munjal-vandana, @_nimishathakur, @sunbiz, and @Darshpreet2000

yes, it is active and being worked on. We are currently doing a user study after which we will improve the usability of the app with v2. If you’d like to work on some bug fixes in the meantime, you are welcome to do so.

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Thanks @sunbiz was waiting for your reply. Last year i was involved in project discussion but because of time constraints couldn’t evolve myself in development process.

I’ll start making some relevent PR to the project …i’ll wait for its second phase enhancement.

Thanks @sunbiz :slight_smile:

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