AMIA/HL7 FHIR® Applications Showcase Call for Submission

As you see in this link, AMIA/HL7 are organizing a FHIR application showcase at the 2018 symposium. Would @parumenon1, @yashdsaraf, @prashadi, @SuKSW, @lehone make a submission to the call, based on the work done during this years GSoC? Other interested people are welcome too!

This is an interesting way to showcase your work and build network/careers, but also because we have some novel webcomponents that might be useful for other EHR systems.


Thanks for sharing @sunbiz. Can we pitch FHIR Spring Data and Analytic application together for this event?

Yes that is what I was hoping you all would do!

@yashdsaraf @prashadi @parumenon1 any progress on this?

I think LibreHealth (if not possible, then I) would be happy to bring you to AMIA to present at this showcase, if it gets accepted. I hope you all see the value of your work over the summer, enough to showcase it to others!

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I would support LibreHealth sending them :slight_smile:

@sunbiz I am on it. To start off, I am currently documenting about my work as per the requirements of the template given in the AMIA link you last shared. I will share it soon with others soon after I am done so that we can integrate all three projects.


@parumenon1 after you finished the initial version please share it with us through a GDoC, so I can add my content and we can work together to review and finalize the document. I hope that would be best way to integrate our work into words.


@yashdsaraf @prashadi I had sent you both the invites to Gdoc to integrate our work two days ago. But I don’t see any updates yet. I have updated my part. I hope both of you can update soon as the submission is next week. Please let me know if you have difficulty looking at the Gdoc. I am attaching a link to document here as well: . You are free to edit using this link too.

@sunbiz, I am still waiting for the updated information from @yashdsaraf and @prashadi to make further edits.

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@parumenon1 I’ll check and add the content by today.

@parumenon1 can you grant permission for

@sunbiz @prashadi

For those of us not on the FHIR project can you summarize your progress? Thanks

@rhoyt I’m on it, I’ll summarize my content EOD today. @parumenon1 I’ll use the doc which you shared in the inbox.

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I have sent invite to too

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I’m adding my project content in

Is this document completed? I believe not as i see second and third questions were not answered. Once you are done I will work on integrating content of both the documents as I assume this document refers only to your content @prasadi. As we just have three days left, I hope you will be updating it very soon.

@parumenon1 I’ve prepared the document as well, here’s the link. Please do tell if you have any suggestions. :slight_smile:

Sure!! Thank you yash.

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@parumenon1 Yes working on it. :slight_smile:

@parumenon1 I have almost finished the document.

Are we going to make a single submission? Then we can combined all the projects and create a single submission which is good I believe.