AMIA/HL7 FHIR® Applications Showcase Call for Submission


(Bob Hoyt) #22

@prashadi @sunbiz

Please let me know if I can help in any way with this exciting project. I just reviewed this document and it does have a lot of typographical errors. Also, I think the individual components could be explained better as well as the overall goal of enterprise big data analytics could be clearer

(Prashadi) #23

@rhoyt do you think is it better to explain each of the component? Or do you recommend any better strategy?

(Bob Hoyt) #24

@yashdsaraf @parumenon1 @prashadi

@yashdsaraf was kind enough to send me a document to review. I did clean it up a bit but realized that it was a different proposal than the one I commented on. I have attached it for review but would like to hold off if several documents are going to be combined. This proposal seemed to improve the architecture of the ToolKit to make use of FHIR resources more efficient but didn’t have any immediate clinical benefits. The other one seemed to offer the ability to mine big data. Please let me know how I can help as I write well but I am not a software developer so you all have more technical expertise. Standing by to assist LibreHealth Project abstract.docx (27.4 KB)

(Parvati Ravindranathan Naliyatthaliyazchayil) #25

Thank you for helping us with the document and reviewing it. We had decided to combine documents of three students who worked on front and back ends of this project and combine it into one. I am on it now. As soon as i finish combining I will put it up here. It shouldnt take more than a coupl hours. Hope that will work.

(Bob Hoyt) #26


Great. Happy to help review

(Parvati Ravindranathan Naliyatthaliyazchayil) #27

@sunbiz @rhoyt, The below link is the integrated document of three projects. I request you to kindly review and give comments/edit as needed.

This link allows editing the document too.
@prashadi @yashdsaraf kindly please review each of your respective sections of work in this integrated document to make sure everything is clear and please feel free to edit the document in cases of any mistakes.

(Bob Hoyt) #28

@parumenon1 @sunbiz @prashadi @yashdsaraf

I can easily correct the typos but I’m more concerned about whether this submission tells a persuasive and coherent story. I have trouble with the very first sentence that says the LibreHealth ToolKist is an open source EHR. Isn’t the Toolkit an Open API that uses RESTFul services and FHIR resources? Do you plan to integrate it with the EHR? How does your proposal meet the basic AMIA requirements, as follows:

  1. are deployed in a real-world setting, and in use with clinicians, caregivers, patients or people;
  2. address a real-world need or problem in an innovative, efficient and effective way; and
  3. provide clinical value. If you have one or more evaluation studies, so much the better!

Seems like your proposal will benefit FHIR developers and researchers and not clinicians at this point. Can you tweak the abstract to satisfy #2 above?

(Parvati Ravindranathan Naliyatthaliyazchayil) #29

@rhoyt thank you again for reviewing the document and helping with your suggestions. I have made few changes in abstract based on your suggestions.

I have changed the first sentence to " LibreHealth Toolkit serves as the foundational API and data model for many other Health IT applications and is frequently utilized as an upstream product for building other LibreHealth software." I think , as you said this makes sense.

LibreHealth is working on adapting FHIR across the entire platform, pls correct me if I am wrong @sunbiz

I have also added: " Although the three projects put together create powerful functionalities as per the FHIR standards, this project is in a Work In Progress phase and in a very early stage to prove its clinical value with evaluation studies among clinicians. However, the project will help FHIR developers and researchers in this phase. " as per your suggestion.

I would try to put in some more that could help support #2 that you stated. @prashadi @yashdsaraf please share your views on how we could address suggestions given by Dr.Hoyt better.

(Bob Hoyt) #30

@parumenon1 @sunbiz

Great work! Keep in mind that most AMIA members do not have a computer science background so the technical side needs some explanation in layman’s terms. I look forward to @sunbiz’s comments. I’ll go over the paper again today and as I understand it the deadline is tomorrow. Good luck :slight_smile:

(Bob Hoyt) #31


I corrected the typos but have additional questions. For component #1 it was stated it would “make an EHR”. Is that what you mean? Wouldn’t it integrate with an EHR to mine data but not create an EHR?

Later on the phrase “famous SQL” is used. Do you mean common or popular?

(Parvati Ravindranathan Naliyatthaliyazchayil) #32

Thank you for making corrections in document.

Component 1 refers to web components. These components are compoents of each FHIR resources like Patient, Practitioner etc and these components are integrated into an app to build an EHR as per FHIR standards. This part was the one I had worked on. Later in this document, Component 2 and 3 were done by Yash and Prashadi, component2 is back end and component3 being a module. I had integrated the information they had given in their respective documentation on to this document for componet 2 and 3 in this project.

I wouldn’t comment on pharse “famous SQL” as that was from prashadi’s document I suppose. I think she could give a better idea of what she meant by that phrase and I am waiting for them to review their parts of work to polish the technical aspects of their work.

(Bob Hoyt) #33


Congratulations on these three innovative and exciting projects. I hope the judges will look kindly on what you all have done

(Parvati Ravindranathan Naliyatthaliyazchayil) #34

@prashadi @yashdsaraf @sunbiz @judywawira @rhoyt The submission of the document is done sucessfully. We had to cut down the abstract to half due to the character limit. Here is the submission document : ScholarOne Abstracts - Abstract proof popup.pdf (177.0 KB) and a snip of submission:

Thank you all for all the efforts put in to write the document and reviewing it despite the busy schedules.

(Robby O'Connor) #35

Good luck to all of you! :slight_smile:

(Prashadi) #36

Thank you @parumenon1 your tremendous effort to putting all work together and @rhoyt for reviewing the content. Eagerly waiting to for their response.

(Parvati Ravindranathan Naliyatthaliyazchayil) #37

Unfortunately, We did not make a cut in the AMIA symposium. Here is the response received:

Thank you for your submission to the AMIA/HL7 2018 FHIR Applications Showcase! We received over 30 competitive submissions for this inaugural event. Several expert referees, as well as the Vice Chair and Chair of the Selection Committee, carefully reviewed all submissions. Unfortunately, we were unable to accept your submission.

It is important to emphasize that the AMIA faces many difficult decisions to ensure balance of topic areas within the physical constraints of the venue. Given the constraints imposed by the finite meeting duration, the need for topic balance, and physical space constraints, a number of otherwise high-quality submissions could not be included this year. It is our hope that you would consider re-submitting your application to AMIA in the future.

Thank you everyone for the efforts.

(Prashadi) #38

Thank you @parumenon1 and others for all the hard work. We can do better next time. It was a good experience for us to make ourselves better next time.

(Bob Hoyt) #39

Sorry you didn’t make it but it was a good experience