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The screenshot is showing the creation of new patient records based on the demographics information from NHANES. The Date of Birth generated is based on the age reported in the NHANES files. You can’t see here the gender specified in the new records also based on the NHANES data, but you can observe the First Names are chosen from a list of the 1000 most common male or female names depending on the gender specified in NHANES, and are deterministicly generated (so re-running the script will always assign the same name to the same record.)

The “SSN” uses the seqn (survey identifier number from NHANES).

This screenshot only shows processing a subset of the NHANES entries, but I have tested with the full ~10K rows a few times.

With the creation of the base records working, can move on to filling in more of the record (problems/diagnoses, medications, etc…)

For those interested in the design aspects, the records are being generated as http requests to a running instance of LibreEHR. There is a form POST being done for each record. It doesn’t exercise the html/javascript side of the application, but it does test the PHP on the server side.