What does identifier mean while creating a new patient?

I am not able to create new patient

Hello @adbilagi, please can you provide details on the issue here? I can’t find any field ‘identifier’ in the forms when trying to add a new patient. I think you should’ve asked this in the chat.

I guess @adbilagi is asking for toolkit. Maybe @judywawira can help better.

Pay attention to categories in which they are posted. This is indeed for Toolkit. @sunbiz, @judywawira, and I forgot who else can help with Toolkit.

Works as expected. Please try to register a patient with the appropriate identifier. If you use the Old OpenMRS Identifier, then you can create with any unique String. If you select, any other, depending on how you have configured it, you will have to use that. for e.g. you might have to use mod10 checkdigit to create an identifier that is acceptable with the OpenMRS Identifier.