What are the features of the EHR?

I looked around and couldn’t find this anywhere. For example, can you launch Telehealth sessions directly from the Calendar? Is there an insurance claims module? It would be nice to have a comprehensive list of features.

I understand that a new Telehealth Module is available for OpenEMR…are the codebases similar enough that LibreHealth can simply inherit this?



All the documentation is located at lh-ehr/Documentation /

We are a fork of OpenEMR setup so we could experiment with difficult UI and core changes with out effecting OpenEMR certifications. Some (most?) of the documentation will refer to OpenEMR but is essentially the same.

The system is very comprehensive. Regarding Telehealth from the appointment. That would depend on your telehealth provider’s API, would likely need to make minor changes to the calendar data base and UI for that. (I have done that for a few of my clients).


The original user guide seems to be missing (it did need to be rewritten). I encourage you to take a look at OpenEMR Community if you are interested in a fully functional, MU certified EMR.