Weekly Libre EHR Community and Developer Phone Call / Chat

General topics related to Libre EHR and Development plans …

Open Call from 1pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern Every Wednesday Conference Call Info: * 713-535-9011 ID# 88961

Y’all come now, ya hear?

Now that that is posted … I’ll be in a airplane on my way to New Mexico this week (2/8). But don’t let that stop you.

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Guano…Fertilizer that is…Texas Tee.

Crickets…with extra characters.

Date is missing (with extra characters. As you like to say )

Updated the original post … it’s every Wednesday

Can it be 1PM PST and 3PM EST?

That IS when the call happens, nothing has changed @teryhill

@tony isn’t 1pm PST 4PM EST?

you maybe right, math is not my strong suit

Why? Oh, I know… Do it like this:

<!--- begin javascript starttime=(new Date()).getTime(); endtime=(new Date()).getTime(); (endtime-starttime )/1000 Or just use Perl next time. :grin: I WAS on at 3PM EST....