Using Github Wiki for documentation

@teryhill: your markup seems to be mixed up.

I changed it to wikimedia style and it displays better but the image links are wrong.

Need to pick one markup style and use that exclusively for all our documentation. I’m OK with wikimedia, or whatever the key document writers need

Did not see how to upload the pictures

Treat the wiki like you would any source code.

Clone it to your local box, create pages, add images and check them in. The push them.

There may be online tools for that too … but see the simple Login page I just added.

tony@dragonfire:/opt/gitrepos/ (master)$ gitlog 0f3a610 Add images dir and Login Image A images/LibreEHR-login.png 20113ea Updated Logging In (markdown) M 080f15f Created Logging In (markdown) A ffb35dc Updated Patient Flow Board (markdown => mediawiki) D A Patient-Flow-Board.mediawiki

Note to self: Use MarkDown format not wikimedia, wikimedia on GitHub does not support inline images as far as I can tell.

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This is a helpful document… And this regarding adding images -

The later is what I ended up doing intuitively.