Upcoming Outreachy Intern Round

@downey @htuck @r0bby

In response to Sage from Outreachy’s email regarding the current round that is now accepting intern applications, Harley and I would like to continue the previous project of EHR Documentation and Coding. Previous mentors MuaRachmann and Adele - and previous interns Virginia and Elizabeth would like to assist with mentoring.

Adele has roots in the French translations, while Virginia has roots in the Spanish translations. Mua and Elizabeth have experience with the coding required to fix the EHR issues. We are hoping to catch the documentation up to speed for the changes that have been made, and for those that we hope to make by fixing even more issues.

We hope this will meet with DIAL and LibreHealth approval.

Please let us know your thoughts.

I set us as participating in the upcoming round, but have not yet confirmed funding.

Thank you @r0bby

I’ll work on the project proposal over the weekend.