Universities using LibreHealth EHR

How many Universities are using the LibreHealth EHR right now?

I’m trying to figuring out how to do this. RIght now I’m considering creating one instance per university.

We need to have communication with the universities prior to them using our demos. I do not want them messing with our demos as too much can go wrong, if they want/need a demo deployed – it’s pretty simple to deploy it. I haven’t yet figured out how many EHR instances we can host on the same server before it cannot scale anymore.

We at IUPUI SoIC are using for the purpose of teaching!

Do you need a site to work with? I’m trying to keep this self-contained so if it gets messed up, it doesn’t screw up our main demo.

Also – we need to have communication from universities using this.

There needs to be some kind of communication prior to use if they use our demos, or need one set up. There needs to be timely notification as there’s one person (me) handling everything – and I’m doing it on a volunteer basis.

Sorry as of now we are using the openMRS but we do have some problems with it and Dr. Jones once mentioned to move into Librehealth of future! I would wait for her to decide :slight_smile:

@yehster, @tony, @teryhill, @judywawira, @r0bby

I don’t think it is too early to be developing a more long-term plan for the educational EHR. There are several moving parts:

  1. We don’t know future hosting costs for server space and don’t know what the $$ expectation will be from our faculty/students if they plan to use LibreHealth EHR next semester. Will we be prepared to give them options by January 1, 2018? At what point do we advertise the educational EHR to the “world” and leave the beta phase?

  2. While we would like to get more serious and long-term funding, where is the laundry list of enhancements we plan? The Mozilla grant is very attractive but it needs to be well thought out.

  3. Book proceeds (Informatics Education) is willing to float another grant immediately if we can come up with some “low hanging fruit” enhancements. One example we keep talking about is parsing out lab work into individual results. Another one is better reporting that would include lab values and so forth.

Bottom line for me is not to delay these types of decisions as we need some answers by the end of this semester. I would argue to make short-term enhancements now with an Informatics Education grant and long-term with other grant monies


@rhoyt I will look at the reports and see if I can get some changes done to them, are the ones you want worked on “Issues” on github ?

@teryhill, @yehster

Most of what I thought needed to be done was expressed on GitHub

We should schedule at short conference call. Could you and @yehster join us on our Wednesday ehr chat on Wednesday? 1pm pacific

That time doesn’t work for me as I pick up Eleanor from school at 12:30 Pacific/3:30 Eastern.

When would be good for everyone then?

Tony McCormick

@tony, @yehster My schedule is pretty open

I’m available most days between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM Eastern time.

The next issues to address seem to be as follows:

  1. Loading the laboratory data as separate panels instead of one monolithic report for all NHANES data
  2. Improved searching/reporting based on lab values
  3. Reports export as .CSV
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:+1: anything I can do to help just let me know @yehster

@tony, @yehster Can we set a date to discuss this please?

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I’m available anytime, I just wanted to make sure Kevin had a chance to be there. I’ll put something for early next week on the calendar.

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Any day between 10 and 3 Eastern Time would work for me. (Need to be done by 3)

@yehster @tony How about today at 2 PM EDT?

I will pencil in 2PM for today.

Needs to be tomorrow (Tuesday). 11am pacific / 2 pm EDT is fine. we can use my Conference Line:

Conference Call Info:

  • 713-535-9011 ID# 88961

Tony McCormick, CTO www.mi-squared.com Support: 866-735-0897, Direct: 713-574-6709 My Calendar: http://bit.ly/XznvDo -Verba volant, scripta manent