Unable to register users on Patient Portal

(Arslan Dawood) #1

Hey there, i have just installed the LibreHealth EHR software, and in the patient’s portal, im unable to see the registration option, or put simply how can users get registered with patient portal or is there anything which is needed to be done on admin portal?

(Robby O'Connor) #2

Ensure that you have enabled the Portal in Administration->Globals->Portal

(Art Eaton) #3

Actually, the portal does not allow you to simply register. What happens is that in the portal administration in the application, you create a patient, then activate their portal. That allows you to set/reset their credentials, which are then supplied to the patient. They use those credentials to log in.

(Arslan Dawood) #4

thank u rObby, Its already done from the admin side, but having login trouble with patient portal

(Arslan Dawood) #5

Thank you Art, i have created patients there, but how can we set patient credentials from admin side? i have’nt seen such options there, it would be good if you can provide documentation about patients / patient portal

(Art Eaton) #6

I will do so, and post a video withing a couple of hours.

(Art Eaton) #7

OK, uploaded video, but it seems blurred on youtube. It is a junk video anyway, but this should still help.

(Art Eaton) #8

And reply by email does not allow links… So… Patient Portal Video (really bad)