TrustLaw pro bono program from Thomson Reuters


(Michael Downey) #1

Today at Open Source Bridge in Portland, Kate Chapman, formerly of Humanitarian Open Street Map Team and now with Cadasta Foundation, recommended this service for potential open source foundational needs:

Essentially it’s a match-making service between legal professionals looking to provide pro bono services (as there is an expectation to do) and organizations who need such services.

Please take a look at their web site and share your thoughts whether or not we should try to get a profile set up. Of course, we also need to understand what our needs/requests would be (perhaps IRS exemption filings or other things) but it might be good to have something on hand if necessary. What do you think?

(Lawrence Rosen) #2

This is not a promise of my forever services, nor is it a desire to be exclusive with you. This is merely a reminder that I lurk here as a friend and a lawyer hoping to help LibreHealth. :smiley: Let me know if you need me.

(Michael Downey) #3

Always grateful for your help @lrosen :slight_smile: