Thinking ahead to announcement strategy

As we get closer to being ready to make an announcement about our plans, I want to work to queue up some friends & partners to help share what we’re doing.

I will reach out to Fred Trotter (well known freelance Health IT writer) & Andy Oram (O’Reilly editor with a focus on open source & health) who are both friends, and can see if they’re willing to write anything publicly when the time comes.

As mentioned elsewhere, Judy will be attending SIIM Hackathon at the end of June and can help provide word-of-mouth/grassroots buzz.

What other types of marketing would be valuable to consider to help get the word out?

@andyo – can you hit the flag button on this post and send me a private message with a Gmail-compatible account so I can share a Google Doc with you containing a first draft?

If anyone else is interested in commenting or editing the draft announcement, and don’t yet have access to do so, let me know!

@lrosen I would assume it’s ok to use the “OpenMRS” trademark nominatively to describe people’s past involvement and skills, and the software’s compatibility, wouldn’t you think?

Yes, that’s fine. /Larry

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