⭐ NOTICE: EHR Repositories moving to GitLab


(Art Eaton) #41

I am not firing up GIT until every permission is exactly the way it was to the limits of the ability of /lab to handle it. I will keep the /lab email alerts going to junkmail until that time as well. When that is done, and any OWNER permissions are sorted out, and any accounts that not belonging to active integrators and contributors have had permissions lowered, AND any ORG level permissions have been moved to non-person ORG administrative POSITION accounts that are controlled by the committee, then I will begin participating again.

I do not want to interfere with this project, as apparently it has positive implications that I can’t seem to grasp that I hope make it worth the loss of project exposure, utility, and goodwill. Just do it perfectly, and when it is announced to be “Mission Accomplished” for real, I will be back and ready to start learning work-arounds.

(Tony McCormick) #42

@r0bby There are quite a few issues with the port to gitlab that need to be sorted out (our permissions is just one). So I don’t think this is ready for cut-over just yet.

Ping me when you are online so we can address them or revert if needed (as planned).

(Terry Hill) #43

As you requested @tony. This is happening on MR’s in gitlab.

(Tony McCormick) #44

@r0bby Art, Terry and I need to be Owner roles on the the GitLab project we are on t he GitHub project. I’m currently Master, Art and Terry are “Developer” . Not sure what “Master” means as Github does not have that role.

(Tony McCormick) #45

Also I agree, at least one Owner account should be a generic ‘sysadmin@librehealth.io’ account that the steering committee has shared access to in case of emergencies.

(Terry Hill) #46

@tony in GitHub I browse the repository at a commit’s level and download a zip of the repository for testing the PR’s changes on my local system. Is there a way to do this in GitLab?

(Tony McCormick) #47

Hmm, never done it that way myself. I add a remote for the pull request source and pull it into a branch for testing. Didn’t even know that was a feature. Will check into that.

(Tony McCormick) #48

Yep, it has that. Select the commit from the pull, the “cloud+downarrow”

(Terry Hill) #49

Yep but that is the static repo with the commits i think, No the PR’s. I will figure out something.

(Tony McCormick) #50

My test created a zip of my PR content. I’m pretty sure it what you want.

(Terry Hill) #51

I just get the ability to get a diff in the pr under the cloud. If I go to the main screen I see the branch you made for the bash but I do not see any of the PR’s for the UI changes. Sorry I am not Gitting this :worried:

(Tony McCormick) #52

What PR are you looking for specifically as an example?

(Tony McCormick) #53

Try this … Open A Merge Request like this:

Click on the Branch Name part… in the Request to Merge line ex: cp-fees That open apoorvac gitlab page in that branch. Then you can download a ZIP of that PR

(Terry Hill) #54

Ok on that. Is there a reason that the rel tags for version 4 is in the drop downs


(Tony McCormick) #55

All REL tags are part if the repo history. That’s true no matter what.

(Terry Hill) #56

Okay just don’t remember them on the other one.

When i select activity or milestones across the top I get everyone’s is that the way it is going to be?

(Terry Hill) #57

How do we do a review of the code?

I think I figured this out but I do not see a means of approving or requesting changes.

(Art Eaton) #58

Looks like the cool API features in GitHUB don’t work here. My test pull script that grabs a contributors’ branch for testing will have to be re-written for the gitlab API, and I am not sure where to start with that. I just got things settled with GitHUB API v3 (meaning they have not changed anything on me recently). I found this: https://github.com/huboard/ghee/pull/37/files but it is written in ruby. I tried looking at https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/support/issues/187 but it is old, and I don’t apparently have permission to see it.

Looks like I should just forget about using that setup for LibreEHR, and just keep it for my stuff. Maybe someone will do some magic test server setup that has at least half that capability…or just add a bunch more testers/reviewers that can handle the same load in a more manual fashion.

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #59

(Tony McCormick) #60

I’d like to hear about this, sounds interesting. The github site is a full mirror so all your testing stuff should still work from there, only have to merge on the 'lab side, I think.