⭐ NOTICE: EHR Repositories moving to GitLab

:star: NOTICE :star:

The repository for LibreHealth EHR has moved to GitLab and has been renamed to be consistent with the other projects. Merge requests and issues have been copied over and can be found at https://gitlab.com/librehealth/ehr/lh-ehr – the only odd part is that my name is attached as the author of merge requests where there was not an associated gitlab user – but it is stated clearly who created it.

I propose that the GitHub repo mirror GitLab – that is GitLab is the canonical repository. This is in-line with the way that the other projects are done.

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Adding on: If this causes an issue for the team – You can trial it – and worst case – I nuke the repo and re-import to have the issues/PRs sync up again.

I’d like to at a bare minimum have things officially migrated by this time next week. I will be disabling issues/PRs on the GitHub repo with a clear notice that the canonical repository is on GitLab. I decided tonight to try and import to see what it would do, and how it did it – however – we will be moving to GitLab by Friday next week at the latest. I will basically nuke the GitLab repository and re-import to sync up issues/PRs – so feel free continue to use GitHub – HOWEVER if there is a majority who are fine with moving – the move will be finalized sooner. I know there are some that will fight this either way…but I need to be firm here because otherwise, it will never happen – There are benefits that GitHub simply cannot offer. Trust me – you’ll see the benefits!

I’ll take a look, we agreed to move when we could do it without too much disruption. I think we’ll be ok. Despite the fact that gitlab is not my preference either for all the reasons Art listed

Noted – have a look – but Friday, March 30th is the deadline to get acquainted and then the move is final and issues/PRs will be disabled on GitHub.

Okay @r0bby Acknowledged.

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@r0bby this is not your call. It’s mine, Terry and Art’s call. Right now it looks ok for the lh-ehr repo, I will do some more testing and then coordinate with the EHR team on a final cutover date.

Do not do anything arbituary with our github repos, we have more repos that just the EHR and they have dependencies. They will also need to be moved to gitlab as part of this process.

  • ehr-fhir-api
  • ehr-api
  • ehr-design-doc-assets
  • EHR_Contribs

These I’m not sure of:

  • open-decision-framework
  • RadAIJournal

Okay, let me know… I’d like it done sooner rather than later hence the deadline…let me know ASAP.

Most are mirrored already on GitLab.

None of the ones I listed are being mirrored anywhere that I can see at https://gitlab.com/librehealth

Am I missing something something?

For FAQ … changing the origin URL is easy … Your GUI tools may vary, but at the command line, in the repo dir…

 # git remote set-url origin https://your-github-user-name@gitlab.com/librehealth/lh-ehr.git

# git remote -v

   origin  https://tmccormi@gitlab.com/librehealth/lh-ehr.git (fetch)

   origin https://tmccormi@gitlab.com/librehealth/lh-ehr.git (push)

# git fetch origin

(refreshes the index)

no… you’re not but i can fix those.

All EHR folks …

I did some testing and review of the gitlab mirror and I don’t see any reason why we can’t switch over easily.

All the Issues. labels and current merge requests were there. The UI is a bit different, but not too much. Changing my local Origin did not even require me cloning a new copy, just a “git set-url” and “fetch”. I used my github user for this even.

We can flip the mirroring to make GitLab be the primary / pull and merge and github to be just a copy for reporting external backup (did this with SourceForge and GitHub for years in OpenEMR land)

Robby has to mirror the other 6 repos as well and there are some documentation changes, but I’ll do that. In fact I used that as a test for Pull Request on README.md already.

I’d like to make that official over the weekend if that is possible. If not when would be good in the next couple of weeks?



What will happen to folks that still have their git clients pointed at the old URL? We need to make sure they’re not committing somewhere that is a black hole. :slight_smile:

I have no plans on deleting it.

What I plan to do:

  • Migrate all of the repos over.
  • Turn off issues/PRs on them.
  • Set up mirroring from GitLab to GitHub with a clear notice that the repos are no longer hosted on GitHub.

@tony – does this sound okay? If it does – I will go forward with the move tomorrow at some point.

cc also: @teryhill, @aethelwulffe

I am already noticing that my github notices are not showing up (no new notices), and that my posts are disappearing, and other weird stuff. Wonder what is going on there.

@r0bby The process sounds fine, DO NOT DO ANYTHING until I ask for it, I have not gotten schedule buy in from the rest of the EHR team yet.

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Not related to notifications, but you can get TODOs in Gitlab. These can gather things from issues, wikis, merge requests etc.

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I didn’t do anything yet. This has been a year in the making – we’ve been talking about it for this long.

I didn’t touch any settings whatsosver yet.

Many things take time. There is no hurry here.

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@tony – This has been over a year now – let’s get this moving – I have been more than patient in accommodating you guys – but now I’m going to request a firm deadline.

Just do it. There won’t be a good time. Might as well start figuring out the work-a-rounds now.