Sqlconf.php does not get ignored when LibrehealthEhr is setup

I have been facing an issue. Whenever i setup librehealthEhr, my sites/default/sqlconf.php gets modified is not ignored as its supposed to as indicated by the gitignore file. Before I file an issue for this, I want to be sure it is only specific to me. Can anyone help with this?

Hi @xuror … that is the default behaviour for the default site as this can get modified in the future. It is advisable to install into another site as it will be the same clone. When installing be sure to replace default with something like “clinic” etc. Also please discuss issues henceforth on the chat as you will meet other students and mentors which can readily help you.

Cheers, Mua

Thanks for the feedback. Is there a reference doc for what you explained above?

Consider using the Docker setup:

Don’t skim – use the development instructions.