Sign up as a Google Code-In 2016 mentor today!

FOSSASIA has a Google Form they need all of our mentors to fill out ASAP. Remember to state you’re with LibreHealth when submitting the form.

This is a time-commitment – we assume ZERO experience. You will need to hold their hands and sometimes the quality won’t be great. Every year i’ve met some amazing kids who wow me – and I expect this year to be no different!

If you plan on mentoring, do this ASAP.


the 20 character limit on this post is ridiculous. I’m Done with the form, really I am. Not Kidding.

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Please make sure any other interested members of your team also fills this out :heart:

Thanks @r0bby for getting this link out. We hope all devs, maintainers, etc. will pitch in with this awesome opportunity. Having participated in GCI before, I was blow away by many of the participating students.

Plus it’s a great way to get work tasks done. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to lots of great mentors!

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One bit of caution: quality may not be great…but we have control over that…set the bar reasonably however.

Also, indicate on the form you’re with LibreHealth in some way.

Good point – it’s important to scope tasks small enough that the impact of a poorly-executed task is not too serious. Also remember that you can have a large number of iterations of a single task – i.e., get 10 or 50 ideas on how to solve/do X.

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I spoke with Mario Behling and he said: Please simply enter the info about participation with a partner org in the contributions questions “Involvement in the Free/Open Source and FOSSASIA Community”

Just a reminder to those of you who have already decide to be a GCI mentor, remember to fill out this form! You know who you are. :wink:

For those of you on the fence, jump in and give it a try! The more people we have on board, the easier the work is for all of us!

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Experience is not necessary…well maybe know how to review code – but we have non-coding tasks too!


I is in dere. Better late than…err…well, I have finally signed up.

I need your tasks – follow the template for the existing ones – I have a boiler-plate template – just replace the top filler I have there.