Should we apply Rails Girls Summer of Code & Outreachy

There is a similar program to Google Summer of Code, which is actually based on GSoC called Rails Girls Summer of Code that @judywawira thinks we should apply for, I do as well.

We could also do Outreachy, which has a very similar goal (this supports non-coding projects too) with the DIAL (Digital Impact Alliance) Open Source Center as our sponsor. This is what @downey does for his day job.

It would help us get more diversity in the community. This is in addition to Google Summer of Code.

+1 for Rails soc – If no one else is interested we will definitely be submitting something for Toolkit/Librehealth

@tony we could submit our joint radiology(with EHR) or the forms project for this too

We really need to put diversity to the front of our organization and this is a great step in this direction

Outreachy can be good to get the infrastructure for the education team up and going

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Why do you suppose we don’t have more female devs here? Whatever the reason(s), we need to address it for our own benefit. Diversity for its own sake isn’t even part of the equation here. It’s plainly and simply a requirement for us to have the best quality product we can produce, not to mention the leadership and advisory benefits. I could list a boatload of reasons, but I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by pointing out the obvious.

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I’m all for Outreachy and adding more female devs. Not real clear how Rails SOC is relevant since we are not writing anything in Ruby on Rails that I know of.

Yeah, that is a serious point of concern.

From the details page:

Rails Girls Summer of Code is programming language agnostic

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Rails is language agnostic – you need to identify as female thats it… so you can have a php project , java project or any other language

I’m plus one for both ideas and have once asked @judywawira about us participating to Outreachy. But it seems we need money but I’m not sure. For Rails soc, don’t these projects need to be using ruby on rails some how?

We have a sponsor but will need to apply soon.

@r0bby It would be awesome if Librehealth gets selected for Outreachy. I would love to participate in it along with a few of my colleagues. Thanks for the initiative!

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