Should the git repo for EHR be renamed to something else?

Let’s make this democratic – I’m going to abstain.

Pick a Name for the EHR project Repo:

  • LibreEHR
  • LibreHealthEHR
  • Leave it the way it is

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Technically I I want ti to be LibreHealthEHR, but we have the same issue. Right now it needs to be LibreEHR

Ultimately – you SHOULD migrate at some point…but for now…I can get behind LibreEHR – For now…but at some point in the near future, you should rename.

Yes, we absolutely have to migrate to LibreHealthEHR, and not too far in the future, but we have to maintain the integrity of the install at the moment, which means LibreEHR. Whatever the decision, we are still moving the logos with the Health part in it with the installer distributions, and when the work schedule is available, we do the “Healthy” commit that changes the whole code-base and documentation. I did the original conversion, and I imagine I will be doing the next, based on the fact that is just the type of shitty little job I am good for.:grin:


I will also abstain but give a hearty “+1” to evolving in the right direction as we go :slight_smile:

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