Retiring the LibreHealth EHR Wiki Server

We will be retiring the EHR Mediawiki server. All data will be kept and stored for future use if we need stand it back up again.

With the EHR project in a current state of limbo, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to keep it running. We will not destroy the data from the wiki as we still find it valuable.

The server is already taken offline.


I agree… thanks @r0bby for managing it.
It wasn’t really used for much and we didn’t have many updates on the wiki.

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I’ll keep the data and everything associated somewhere after I pull it off the server.

I have all the data from the EHR Wiki and am spinning down the server now.

All Rackspace servers have been terminated. The Toolkit Demo is not currently online. I will finish that this weekend, I took all the data off of it and it’s on the new server already.

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