Release version naming

Should the version be called v1 (or codename instead of a number - but internally a number for build purposes) or should the version be same of the openmrs-platform version? There are two data points (probably more, but I can think of these now):

  1. Users will be able to understand and follow better what version we’ve forked.
  2. There will be different commits done to our code and that will make it different anyways.

What do others think?

First of all, I personally strongly support the use of Semantic Versioning, whatever we do.

However, I think we should consider taking the approach of LibreOffice, and starting our first release synchronized with the predecessor. So to me, I would say “LibreHealth EMR 2.0 beta” should be the first release.

I’m certainly open to hearing other ideas and perspectives, though!

I like semantic versioning for dealing with dependency and software management. For communication and lay users I think it is not good. I also don’t like EMR 2.0 because it is not an EMR, but only a toolset (and incomplete for many purposes). May be calling it by bird names like: LibreHealth Dove, with fixes Dove v1.1 … a new release LibreHealth Swan… and then LibreHealth Crow… Eagle.

If we want to do semantic versioning, then my suggestion is to call it, LibreHealth toolbox 1.0.0, and if and when we have the EMR we call it

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Sorry, yes … I realize my message was a bit ambiguous, “LibreHealth EMR” simply used as an example for a complementary naming scheme, not specifically our first released product.

“Toolbox” is nice. I think we should try to be clear what we’re shipping as much as possible, especially if we keep the more broad “LibreHealth” brand.

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I’d like to remind us all of the (what I think was great) naming suggestion by @nribeka of:

… which I think could be particularly appropriate.

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I very much like that name! But do you want to use it instead of the EMR? For LibreHealth Samsara 2.5? or LibreHealth Samsara… then bug fixes as Samsara 1.1… and the next release called LibreHealth Nirvana?