Re-evaluations of and migration to Matrix

I have had discussions with @downey and think it warrants discussion. I am proposing that we migrate LibreHealth Chat from Rocket Chat to Matrix.

Does anybody oppose this? No decisions have been made yet, but I’m merely evaluating if we should.

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Is there any particular reasons? rocket seems fine, maybe preferences?

Consolidation and Rocket Chat is kinda meh at times. We’d deploy our own server and Matrix has the upshot of allowing it to be used for far more than just LibreHealth stuff. Matrix connects to everything.


Thanks for making this proposal, @r0bby.

Looking more closely at Matrix in the last few hours, I agree it is a better platform. However, given that we have limited hosting options now, I feel that it will be more resource-heavy compared to the lightweight Rocket Chat. Synchronous conferencing will get much more reliable with Matrix, but not sure how much we prefer that over asynchronous communication.

So I have a way to handle that. We’d host our own server for just us and federate – the community would use whatever other servers.