Radiology Beta version - Enterprise Imaging Information System

Enterprise Imaging Information System is the beta version of Radiology module. We aim to release this version by January 31st, 2018. The main objective is to integrate the existing LibreHealth Radiology module with Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) and Orthanc. The following are the issues created for the release

Once we are done with these issues, we would like help in testing the beta. Please like this post if you are interested to help us in testing.


@ivange94 @lehone @tenas97 make note of above


@judywawira How many of these issues are still open cuz i noticed @sunbiz had some merge requests on some of them. I’d like to start work on the others

@tenas97 , as you see on those issues, they have been assigned already… You can help in testing (reporting new issues), and then working on them.

@tenas97 did you work on this task already? REST JSON to FHIR JSON Mapping Implementation