[PROPOSAL] Potential Demo URL convention change

I was thinking about this and I think the way we did demo URLS isn’t the most optimal:

I propose the following convention: demo.project.librehealth.io – for example:

  • demo.ehr.librehealth.io
  • demo.toolkit.librehealth.io
  • demo.radiology.librehealth.io

Any objections? There would be a redirect in place similar to what I did for the EHR’s wiki – which would exist indefinitely.

@sunbiz @judywawira @tony

I like the way it is at the moment. What benefit will we get through this? I think https://toolkit.librehealth.io/master is good for the deployed master branch, and any branches http://toolkit.librehealth.io/<branches>

To be clear, both would continue to work – just a redirect would happen.

The idea is that I want to do: service.project.librehealth.io as the convention for subdomains. Trying to establish consistentency.

Currently the OHIF viewer is at https://viewer.radiology.librehalth.io – and the wiki is the other example – nothing is done unilateraly so I am asking for feedback prior to making this change.