Project: Web Components for FHIR Resources

@SuKSW I am using javascript

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All components should be written in polymer 3

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@parumenon1 maybe you were right. At the beginning I was confused whether I was selected for GSoC at all (spent time on the prerequisites so the proposal was not that pretty), so I sent a private message to @sunbiz asking whether two can work on the same project. He reasoned out that two were selected because around 60-70 components will be needed to build a fully functioning EHR. I messed up thinking that it was “resources” not “components”.

Let’s go with your set of resources. Since you started from the top I will start from the bottom :

  • Schedule - view, update
  • Appointment - add, show (relevant to a person), notification (request and response)
  • Immunization - search ( filter by Patient, Practitioner, Organization, Location), view details and delete, add
  • MedicationStatement - find (by medication, patient), view and delete, add

This is only for the time being. I’ll break down the rest of the resources to components after completing these.

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@judywawira, Sure!! Polymer 3 with java script should be fine right?

@SuKSW that sounds good!!

Anyone here attempted a components so far ?

Not yet!! However , I have made few mock-ups of the components that I will be working on

I think we are talking across each other and not getting the point. @namratanehete @SuKSW @parumenon1 @Zatoner_Dev - can we have a call to discuss the next steps. As a community, we don’t like to have synchronous calls because of timezone and accessibility issues, but I think this situation calls for it.

Please let us know your availability here -

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Can you please post the mockups in your blog, as a blogpost. Maybe you should also add some resources that you have been using to learn about Polymer 3. or any other prep that will bring you and @SuKSW and other students who will build webcomponents in GSoC this summer.

Yes that is a good idea. I have marked my availability in doodle.

adding @lehone and @tenas97 too here

Initially I had trouble with running polymer 3 components. Finally realized that “npm install -g polymer-cli@next” had not installed polymer 3 (checked using “polymer --version”). Using the same command again solved the problem.

As @sunbiz suggested @parumenon1 for those who are starting with polymer just like me, since “polymer init” have not yet been implemented for polymer 3 ( you can start with,

(They will display "Could not render the custom element. Check that JavaScript is enabled." which is written in between the custom element tags, or nothing at all if the cli has not been updated to support 3.0).

Was able to find where an app was built successfully with polymer 3 preview 12. Rather than keeping the html templates within the js file she has kept them separately. It looked neat.

I’ll post the link as soon as a component is ready.

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Based on the doodle poll, besides a couple of hrs back today, the next best time is on May 12th 10am - 11:30 am EST. We will meet over Zoom - . The meeting will be recorded and posted for anyone to follow who cant make it at the time.


Yes i did post what you suggested on my blog post at

Is anyone joining the meeting now?

Recording of the call -

This is the blog post regarding the resources I am currently working on.

Also for those who are working on Polymer 3.0, a stable version has been released four days ago. So Polymer 3.0 templates are now available via 'polymer init`.

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@sunbiz @judywawira Will it be alright if we use to request data from the HAPI-FHIR server?

Also is it necessary to use material web components for textfields as well? With material it is something like image 1 and we could get a similar thing with only css like image 2. Can’t we use pure css at least for the text fields? We can maintain uniformity by using a single css file. (Although we can get image 2 with material, won’t it then import unnecessary amount of styles we do not need?)

Image 1: textfield

Image 2: inputcss

I think it is necessary to use the material components. We will have a common style for all the elements and will be easy to integrate them in the EHR that @parumenon1 needs to start working on after the mid-term.

If all fields on the page use the same styles, it won’t be a problem of loading in the browser, since browsers are intelligent to download this once.