Project: Updater for LibreHealth EHR

This project aims to develop an updater for libre ehr using gitlab API and also a module to test pull requests which will lead to rapid development.All suggestions welcomed, a detailed view of project is here. My Mentors : @nileshprasad137 @tony

My delieverables would be classified in to three phases

  1. Core functions (which is base for the updater)
  2. User Interface
  3. Database integration (integrating the updater with the database)

Additional Ideas if time permits :

  1. Give a way for user to give feed back or thank the member who made the pull request ( still thinking about it @nileshprasad137, i am not sure whether to use api to comment on pull requests, or create a issue on github for feedback where we can receive the comments)


@nileshprasad137 @tony my proposal has reached the mile stone. I have finished the user module that i have mentioned in my proposal and it is available for testing Can you test it?