Project: PDF generator for EHR


(Abhinav Singh) #1

@tony @nileshprasad137 @teryhill @aethelwulffe I am opening this thread for discussions on my project : Remove and replace the old PDF generation code with a custom library dependent on a single external PHP library

(Tigpezeghe Rodrige Kwenchu) #2

Hello @Abhinav can you make a checklist of the major items of the project here.

(Abhinav Singh) #3

Sure @Trodrige as soon as possible.

(Nilesh Prasad) #4

Hi @Abhinav. Community Bonding Period is the time to plan out your project comprehensively, so that you don’t have any problems during work period. As Trodridge said, list down all the deliverables here and a plan on how to approach them as and when you like it. Your proposal is already quite comprehensive, so you won’t face any problems doing that.

And also please be a bit patient with me for some time. I am also a student currently, and am having exams and stuff till 14-15th May. I’ll interact regularly after that. But, feel free to ping me anytime for help!

Same goes with you @naveen17797.

All the best to both of you. :smile:

(Abhinav Singh) #5

Sure @nileshprasad137 I can understand, I am also having exams :smile:

(Naveen) #6

Thanks @nileshprasad137 , i am experimenting with gitlab API which is crucial for my proposal

(Abhinav Singh) #7

@nileshprasad137 currently I am finding all the places where PDFs are generated. Will drop a list including them soon.

(Abhinav Singh) #8

@tony @nileshprasad137 here is the list I found till now of the places where we need to Produce PDFs 1)Patient/Client->Finder->(Select a Patient)->Report or Patient/Finder->Summary->PDF




5)Popups->Chart Label

6)Popups->Barcode Label

7)Popups->Address Label

(Abhinav Singh) #9

And tell me how to proceed with project. I was thinking of making a branch named pdf_generator.

(Nilesh Prasad) #10

@Abhinav Yeah. Keep working on a new branch and keep the commits smaller in size and more in number.

(Abhinav Singh) #11

@nileshprasad137 @tony

(Abhinav Singh) #12

@tony @nileshprasad137 did you test the code?

(Abhinav Singh) #13

@nileshprasad137 @tony I did a commit for Procedure Orders pdf part.

(Art Eaton) #14

I am having issues finding the demographics issue you mentioned. :slight_smile: Also, can you look at #1132 PR for the addition of a layout accordion and see how it may integrate with you PR? I can’t get a review on that.

(Abhinav Singh) #15

Sure @aethelwulffe . I also completed the code for Issues section should I wait or commit now only?

(Abhinav Singh) #16

@aethelwulffe I think #1132 PR doesn’t relate to my project because it concerns about the menu style and not the PDFs.

(Art Eaton) #17

Good. We can leave that PR in place. Now if someone would just review it…

-PLEASE continue with the issues section. Your branch is just fine at this point, and there is no problem with continuing on for a complete feature run. I can test as we go for bit-to-bit. This is a major defined project, so I have no problem testing a multitude of features at once.

(Abhinav Singh) #18

Thanks @aethelwulffe for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

(Abhinav Singh) #19

@teryhill @aethelwulffe @tony @nileshprasad137 I submitted the new code and just rewrote the whole code for History. Now olny patient encounters are left for the section and error removal for demographics. I will send the patch soon. Please check the code.

(Abhinav Singh) #20

@tony @nileshprasad137 I did my final commit please review it. And I will complete my evaluation tomorrow.