Project: Migrate EHR to Laravel - User & Roles Module

Hey, @muarachmann we have done most part of the Roles and Users so far. Can you tell me what to do next for the completion of the project? Also, it will be better if we can have a short call to discuss the further implementation of the project. Thank you.

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Hey @muarachmann if you are available, can we have a call this weekend to discuss how to proceed with the final work submission for the GSOC program? Thank you.

@chaitak-gorai there is still much to be done :slight_smile: … Please work on the UIs of displaying the users / invitations. Are you available for a call in 2 hours time ? That is 2:00 PM from now. I have gone ahead and booked a calendar invite for it.

GSoC Review - Next Steps Saturday, August 12 · 2:00 – 3:00pm Time zone: Africa/Lagos Google Meet joining info Video call link: Or dial: ‪(ZA) +27 10 823 1070‬ PIN: ‪114 343 456‬# More phone numbers:

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@muarachmann I am ready for the call.

You can reschedule it whenever you are available. I can join ANYTIME till 8:00 pm in your time zone. Or we can have it tomorrow.

This week blog: GSoC Week 11 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module

Hey @muarachmann, if it is difficult to schedule a call, can you please discuss on text only what to do next? What are the left-out things I need to complete to successfully complete the project? It has been a week, I am struck by this. Also, the final submission is near. I hope you can understand.

Hello @chaitak-gorai ,

Let’s work on the menu listing per roles and equally the UI of the overall project, It should blend in with the overall UI of the whole project. Plus the dropdown to select multiple permissions we can use the ultiselct component in the project. That can add/remove multiple permissions.

Also Let us have an easy menu link to see pending invitations.

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I am working on it. Thank you.

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Hello, @muarachmann i have some queries to clear regarding the implementations of menu listing per roles. Can we have a call today if you are available?

I have prepared my final work submission report : GSoC 2023 Final Work Submission Report . @muarachmann @r0bby can you please review it before final submission?

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Hi @chaitak-gorai thanks and looks good to me

Thank you for the review, I have submitted my final submission to GSOC.

Hi @chaitak-gorai your submission is giving an ssl error please can you fix it for evaluation purposes?

hey @muarachmann , give me some time I am fixing the SSL certificate.

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@muarachmann I have solved the issue. Can you please check and confirm?

Actually i have updated the ssl, but it is taking some time to show up changes. Here is the alternate link of the Report : GSoC 2023 Final Work Submission Report

It is working fine now : GSoC 2023 Final Work Submission Report

Thank you @muarachmann and @r0bby for extending to me the incredible opportunity to be part of this remarkable project over the summer. It has been an invaluable experience that has steepened my learning curve in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

As I eagerly await the moment when my Pull Request becomes a part of the project’s codebase, I am genuinely excited about the prospect of contributing even more in different issues and modules.


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It was a pleasure working with you. Hope to see you around and as discussed have lots to do still with releasing the next version