Project: Migrate EHR to Laravel - User & Roles Module

@chaitak-gorai Use this thread for your communication this summer.

Congratulations from all of us at LibreHealth!

You may use the Jitsi room below for video chat. I count the fact that it’s linked as it being public.

Thank you @r0bby for the opportunity. Looking forward to it and excited for the process.

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Hello @muarachmann as we have discussed on the call, can you provide the list of roles there will be in the project?

Sure… the basic roles are the ones found in the Administration → ACL → advanced.

Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 03.09.47

Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 03.11.03

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Since we are instructed to write a blog post for our progress. Here is my blog post for the first week of GSOC. GSoC Week 1 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module Please provide positive feedback if there are any. Thank you

Nice blog @chaitak-gorai

Thank you so much @muarachmann .

@chaitak-gorai do not forget you have to complete designs on how the module will look like here.

Sure… I have been working with the roles and permission modules. But there are some points to discuss as i m facing some implementation issues. If you are available can we have a call today?.

I can be available by 12:30 GMT.

Ok then, i ll be there.

GSoC meeting Friday, June 9 · 12:30 – 1:30pm Time zone: Africa/Lagos Google Meet joining info Video call link: Or dial: ‪(ZA) +27 10 823 0732‬ PIN: ‪504 999 907‬# More phone numbers:

Hey @muarachmann sorry but there was again confusion from my end for the time. I thought it to be international GMT. Are you available now??

Here is my week 2 blog where I shared my experience while implementing the Roles Module.

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Here is today’s recording - GSoC meeting (2023-06-09 18:16 GMT+1) - Google Drive

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Hey @muarachmann, I tried many ways still I cannot access the ACL in the legacy code base

**Fatal error** : Smarty error: unable to write to $compile_dir '/var/www/html/gacl/admin/templates_c'. Be sure $compile_dir is writable by the web server user. in **/var/www/html/library/Smarty/Smarty.class.php** on line **1094**

This is the error message, I am running the project using docker inside WSL of my windows. Also the laravel project is setup using XAMMP in windows.

Can you help me out in this ?

Hi @chaitak-gorai you will need to make some directories writable by the server. Did you go through the installation steps as shown here - lh-ehr/ at master · LibreHealthIO/lh-ehr · GitHub

If not you might have to re-install or make sure the following directories have the right permissions.


Hope this helps.


Hey @muarachmann, thank you. I have solved the bug with a fresh install. Now I can access the Advanced Section of ACL.

GSoC Week 3 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module My week 3 experience blog.

Hey @muarachmann, have you reviewed the roles seeder? Can we have a call today or tomorrow if you are available to discuss further what to implement next in the roles module?.

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