Project: Integrating a Laboratory Information Management System into the EHR

This is the thread for all the information relevant to my project for GSoC. My proposal can be found here:

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Could you list the main points of your project here so it will be easier for us “Old Folks” to keep up with. :sunglasses:

The Order form will be the way to communicate with the LIMS , external Labs, Imaging and others. Please look at the revised form layout submitted by Adrien_Zier. This will need to be developed.

The end-goal of my project is to have a functional LIMS integrated into the EHR.

Following are the main points that my project will focus on:

  • Creating a structure that will make it easy to integrate multiple LIMS applications into the EHR
  • Seamless transfer and sharing of data between the LIMS and the EHR
  • Making sure that the integrated application is easy to use and the UX is good.

I will be integrating the SENAITE LIMS using the JSON API that they have provided. I will start by separating the functionality of the project into the module folder and creating a centralized API class meant for communicating with LIMS APIs. I’ll be creating and updating the DB schema to make it compatible with all the extra functionality provided by the LIMS.

Once everything functions as required, I will move on to the actual integrating of the LIMS which will include creating a separate interface for all the necessary features. The user will have an option to enable/disable the application and would also be able to choose from a list of LIMS ( once more are integrated ).

Dear Anirudh:

How is your project going?

I am a working physician specializing in assisted living care where we go into the homes of residents of 110 assisted living facilities. This includes around 5,000 lives. We are using OpenEMR as a health information exchange by giving access to between 1-3 managers in each of these facilities. We use it to communicate with the care managers concerning the residents. We also use the EHR for Computerized Physician Order Entry and encrypted transfer of both documents and orders between our practitioners and the managers of the facilities. This greatly facilitates the care of these severely disabled individuals many of whom live in environments where healthcare resources are limited.

My practice has an intense interest in your project because we need to develop bidirectional laboratory order entry and receipt of discrete results. I have been using Open EMR since 2004 and have a large database of clients (30,000) and previously have had interfaces to LabCorp of American and Quest Diagnostics also in America. I have two relatively large laboratory companies that are interested in developing bidirectional laboratory interfaces with LibreEHR to further improve and facility the care of the persons for which we are responsible.

My I offer my assistance to you in your project for testing purposes?

Sam Bowen, MD

@sam-bowen Hey! I really appreciate the interest. I haven’t yet started work on the actual integration of the LIMS into our EHR software, still in the setting up phase. I will be posting updates as the work progresses and once the integration begins, any testing would be really helpful.