Project: Integrate imaging data to teach imaging informatics for education


We have NHANES data loaded on Librehealth EHR for education - and last spring there were 4 universities that used this data for teaching.

There is a deficiency of tools to teach imaging informatics in schools , and hence this project will be used to extend the SIIM hackathon dataset tools into a teaching EMR

The functionality will need to

  1. Implement data import for imaging studies using the cancer Imaging Archive using the Rest API -
  2. Create a connector to the SIIM hackathon resources - See below
  3. Create a container / docker container to ease deployment
  4. Bonus point : Integrate imaging standards including - DICOMWeb , DICOM, IHE MHD , FHIR , and CDAs into the EHR for importing data

SIIM resources

Technical requirements MySQL , Java , PHP , Laravel, REST, DICOM

Submission Working code repository and docker of the above implementation

Mentors @rhoyt @sunbiz @judywawira @teryhill

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Only three universities actually used the EHR last semester. Harrisburg U expressed interest but did they were not part of the beta testing


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Hi All,

I would like to know more information about this task. Is this task mainly to import radialogy data from external system to radiology module itself?