Project: Incorporate reporting workflow into Radiology

If you check out the demo of the radiology site - the radiology site loads all the studies being performed though the OHIF viewer as shown below

The reporting process for the radiologist begins after selecting the “Claim Study” button and it should allow the user to select a template, dictate the report, sign the report and send a copy to the EMR and the PACS system. Once a study is completed it should fall off the dictated list and once a user clicks on the patient they should be able to review the results

This project will function to implement this end to end reporting workflow. Please refer to prior discussion threads on reporting -

Mentors @judywawira @sunbiz @namratanehete


Technical Requirements Java, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MachineLearning, deep learning

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Hello @judywawira my name is Miftahun I’m from GSoC student this year. I’m interested in this project and I want to discuss and ask more about this project. How do I contact with the mentors ?

Thank you

@Miftahunajat you can ask questions in this post and I will respond to them

Hi, I am Shreya Goyal, currently pursuing master’s in Health Informatics from IUPUI. I have a strong background in clinical decision support systems and Health Informatics Standards and Terminologies. I have experience working with the EHR environment as a part of my coursework. I believe I have the required skills to contribute to the project and to the organization.

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You should submit a draft proposal and discuss any choices that you plan to make in the development of the project in the forums.

[EDIT] By Radiology, I think I understand you mean LibreHealth Radiology, I had misunderstood it earlier. I have crossed out the irrelevant questions.

Hi @judywawira, @namratanehete and @sunbiz! I am Abhinav, looking to contribute to LibreHealth for “Incorporating Workflow into Radiology”. I will be submitting my proposal shortly, due to some urgent undertakings in view of the pandemic, I wasn’t able to focus on GSoC as such, hope that’s understandable. Anyway, I had a few questions.

  1. By integrating end-to-end workflow do you mean from RIS or from the absolute beginning? Is this an EHR?
  2. By support use of MMRT templates, do you mean for EMR?
  3. From 2, is it also expected that for each different type of Radiology report, the corresponding template is used? Or is a common, generic template is expected?
  4. How important is UI? I ask this so that I know which direction to take my proposal in. Should I send UI designs in my proposal (I remember @r0bby mentioning something about attaching wireframes is a good idea).
  5. Regd. ACR assist: What is the priority level for this? Sure, Clinical Descision Support Systems are great to have, hard to implement in real life. For example, this study reports an 87% accuracy. Which I believe is not the best for clinical scenarios (I speak as a CS undergrad, not a doctor, purely my perspective, not backed by empircal data.).
  6. ACR-assist is also low on documentation, would love some light on how would we proceed with that. From my (admittedly) short exploration of it, it appears to be a collection of structured content rather than an API.
  7. Among the skillsets mentioned are Machine Learning and Deep Learning, how will we be needing them apart from the decision support framework?
  8. Is this an extension of lh-radiology ( Or is a new implementation expected?
  9. Would other projects be delivering APIs that I can use? Eg. Project: Low Powered Models for disease detection and classification for Radiology Images and Project: Automatic labelling of Radiology Images
  10. Is there a coding/evaluation challenge?

Those were a lot of questions, and I’m sorry to bug you so late! Thank you so much for your volunteering and service to the community. Stay safe!


@sunbiz @judywawira this is missing a code element… we don’t run projects without some kind of code test

Hey @r0bby, it’s me again. What should I do? We have like 20 hours left.

I’m not sure…it’s up to @judywawira, @sunbiz and @namratanehete…I pretty firmly want a code contribution for all projects.

That was a pretty last minute shut down, please have a quicker look the next time around, someone might’ve been depending on this project, least you can do is communicate to any applicants :slightly_smiling_face:. Anyway, Can I implement this outside of GSoC? I have a solution in mind.


What is your solution?

It’s 4 AM where I am now, I planned to submit my proposal tomorrow afternoon IST.
Is there scope of this project opening again?

The reason I closed it is because of the lack of a code challenge.

I understand your concern. I don’t mind doing this outside of the GSoC as well, as long as I get to contribute. Just wanted to know if the project will remain open as an issue or will it be merged into another project.

Your proposal is likely to be 6-10 pages long.

Will require wireframes. I’ll accept those as the “code contribution” – really what we’re trying to see is if you are going be successful or not. the coding tasks aree used as signals as to whether or not you truly know what you claim to know.

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Alright, I am on it! Does the project remain open then?

Yeah – but I’m not so sure you can pull together a proposal that will be successful without doing harm to yourself via sleep deprivation. You’d basically be completing the proposal with one chance to get it right at this point. There’s not time for back and forth.

Well, let me give it a run. At least if something productive comes out of it, I could end it with “I’ve won, but at what cost” (That’s a Marvel Reference).

Or if you think it would be better suited for Outreachy 2020, let me know.

GSoC, Outreachy, or a normal code contribution: It’s all the same for me as long as I get the project to work on, and a mentor I could ask a few questions once in a while.

I must add that for the sake of the project itself, it’s better to delay it and not keep it as a part of GSoC. I just wish the project wasn’t closed this late, I spent two days researching it. The moment I found it, I knew this was the project for me.

Update: I will not be putting together a proposal, it was a good learning experience. Thank you for your time.

If you want to – submit a proposal :slight_smile: