Project: Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer

That works – and then when your PR is merged, switch it over.


this week blog post -Community Bonding Period 1- 8 June | Technical Keeda

@r0bby @muarachmann what are the possible reasons for pipeline fail?

We have a key that we base64 encoded and store on as an env. var for signing the APK so if that is missing, that will do it.

Otherwise, read the log.

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One slight nitpick: The community bonding ended June 7 but otherwise so long as you stay on track with your milestones it doesn’t matter if you do a 4 day week.

ok sorry for mistake. and Thank-you for reply. I read log and i fixed pipeline now. I have sent a merge request to develop branch.

Yeah on GitLab CI, we generate a signed APK during our build


this week blog post

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@muarachmann @r0bby I want to implement bookmark chargemaster. I have created UI for that I am adding start icon in front of list item to bookmark cdm. Is this UI good to go or you have some UI suggestion ?

@bishtmanish739 I have some suggestions, if you want to consider them

Group 3

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@ankithans your suggestion looks great. can you tell me icon name ?

don’t have the name handy, I have used them from Flaticon

Bookmark Download

ok, thanks for your suggestion.I will consider them.

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can I go with this UI ?

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@r0bby @muarachmann Added Bookmark chargemaster Feature. +icon is for add to bookmark and - for remove form bookmark

this week blog post-

Earlier App was crashing on the home screen and I mentioned this in my proposal. I know it was a blocker and @Darshpreet2000 already fixed it during the community bonding period. So one of my task is already completed.

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@bishtmanish739 Nice to see this feature, also you mentioned about the play console. We will update you on that once we set it up. You can proceed with the pagination feature on demand I think. Keep up the good work

week 3 blog post Week 3 Coding period GSOC 2021 LibreHealth | Technical Keeda

Please try as much to included links to your MRs on your weekly blog for users to be able to follow up. We should schedule a call for sometime next week. Also don’t forget to ping in case you run into any difficulty or need any stuffs explained

I have published week 4 blog here - Week 4 Coding period GSOC 2021 LibreHealth | Technical Keeda

I have done following task -

1-Added address field To dowload cdm screen.

2- search by address and name to download CDM screen.

3- added text when no bookmarked item left.

I have completed all tasks regarding the cost of care mobile application that I had mentioned in my proposal. From next week I will start working on the cost of care react web application.

this week blog post - Week 5 Coding period GSOC 2021 LibreHealth | Technical Keeda