Project: Help us with Documentation

@adele and @KoniKodes:

Please share your blog URLs on this thread and share weekly updates on this thread as well.

@htuck and I are looking forward to this summer, as are @downey and @judywawira!

@r0bby Thank you. I’m in the middle of it right now and hope to submit and be published by early next week. I will link here when it is live.

I am looking forward to working with all of you this summer.


My first article was published this morning.

freecodecamp medium


This is great @gsoc2018students here is how to write a blog post … bother @KoniKodes for feedback - I know I do …!!

Look forward to working with you this summer @KoniKodes

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Thank you @judywawira. You are never a bother and always a pleasure.

To the @gsoc2018students - I’m an editor on medium.freecodecamp. If you ever need a quick glance before publishing, I’ll be happy to help. I rely on my husband as my second set of eyes before I go public.

And if you do submit to our site, please ask for me. My senior editor is great about letting me choose my articles.

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This is great folks! You have a bar to meet @gsoc2018students – be awesome like @KoniKodes!

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