Project: Help us Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Documentation

@Olena23, use this topic for all discussion on Toolkit this summer.

Thank you @r0bby. I forgot about the forums as I was focused on the chats.

Both are available – but these are the two places that are public. Both can be used.

Yes. Some only read the chats while others only read the forums. So having both places is a great idea.

@Olena23 great job on your first blog!

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@Olena23 great job on following the Outreachy subject requests. Another good blog:

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Here’s my new post. It’s about toolkit, why it’s important and how others can contribute


Could I get your feedback on this, we’re at a bit of a stalemate with @Olena23 not having much work to do this week. Looking to see what she can add to make this complete.

Hello! I’d like to write a section about project’s scope and aims as part of the docs. I watched this video

It explains the history and aims of the LibreHealth project. However, this video is 3 years old and many things might have changed since then.

To write an entry on the project overview, I’d like to get the following information:

  • What has changed in the LibreHealth project since 2016?
  • What are the current goals and what modules or features will be released in the near future?
  • Statistics: how many people are there on the core team? How many hospitals are using the project?
  • What modules or parts of the LibreHealth project do hospitals use? Do they usually use the whole project or just pick up some modules?
  • Are there any reviews from users (on their experience)? Where can I find them?

Toolkit role and use cases:

  • What is the place of LibreHealth toolkit in the whole project structure?
  • What problems can I (as a developer) solve using toolkit? I’d like to describe such cases and give some ready-to use recipes. To do this, I need the following information:
    • Short summary of a problem to solve
    • How this problem is solved without toolkit
    • How toolkit can make the solution simpler or faster
    • What steps does a developer need to take to solve the problem using toolkit (for example, what modules to download, how to customize them, how to run the project with a specific configuration)
    • How can a developer understand that the problem is solved successfully (definition of done, acceptance criteria)

This information can be provided in any convenient form (written, audio, video). I’d like to get detailed answers but I understand that it takes time so summary or indications where to look for answers will be very helpful. I’d be graeful if someone could answer these questions.

Here’s my new blog post about first steps as an intern

@Olena23 You have provided such a great improvement to the Toolkit Documentation! Thank you for being such a great intern.