Project 1: DICOM into EHR

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Project Description

LibreHealth is an umbrella organization of digital health products including an electronic medical records system (EHR) and a radiology information system (RIS). These two systems run in parallel to each other, breaking information flow that provides a fragmented view of the patient. Doctors taking care of patients “create orders” that inform the radiology department to perform a Chest Xray on a patient. Radiology images are stored in a different system called PACS, which is a database of images. Currently, there is no way for the doctors to see the imaging information within the electronic medical record system.

Project’s Requirements

Tasks And Features

  • Design a viewer within the EHR record that loads a radiology image by integrating the cornerstone html viewer
  • Implement order entry in the EHR project
  • Generate a modality worklist from the orders entered in the EHR project

Feedback requested from @tony and @teryhill


Hi there! I am Sagorika, a undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. I am participating in RGSoC this year. Me and my teammate have come across this project and found it really interesting. We wanted some help on how to start contributing to this project.

Start by deploying the EHR application locally to familiarize yourself with the code base

Join the chat forum too

Hey Judy! I Neha Gupta, along with my team-mate Rachna have deployed the codebase locally. Can you guide us further steps. Also, is this project still open for team proposal?

yes it is still open. join the chat at Sorry Miss Judy

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Hi @judywawira @teryhill ! I and my teammate @bransum are interested in working on this project and we feel that having a Dicom image viewer within the EHR system is something that is very crucial and practical. Having worked with medical images for a research project myself, I found it rather painstaking to view the medical images. I had to install a dicom viewer(Gingo Cadx) on Arch which was basically a client application on my PC which honestly speaking wasn’t the easiest thing that I had done in a while. Having a EHR system which has an in-built image viewer is really a crucial feature and this is why we are motivated to make my contributions count :slight_smile:


Yes, it is sort of a “Duh” concept. It is also something that someone can contribute, knowing that they are actually affecting the lives and work of…well…a whole bunch of people, and maybe some pets too, for a very long time.

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